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Monday, February 11, 2013

Week by iPhone - 6/52

Our week?  Well.  It was a mix of ups and downs. The week started off okay with preschool, silly shenanigans at home, and some baking with my sweet Lincoln.  But towards the end...Lincoln was sick yet again!  I swear, since starting preschool in November, it's something new each week! I know it's normal and all, but it's so sad.  So far he's just had some nasty colds. No fever or anything, and nothing bad enough where he had to miss school. 

Thursday morning he woke up a little warm.  I took his temp and it was 99.8.  I ended up giving him some motrin, and bringing him to school.  He was acting perfectly fine, and he's only in school for 2.5 hours.  The rest of the day he was okay, however, come nighttime, it was an entirely different story.  His temp shot up to 102.6, he developed a nasty cough, had absolutely no appetite, and was pretty miserable.  That night I was up with him from 12-3am. 

Friday, Lincoln doesn't have school, but we were preparing for a huge blizzard....Nemo.  Go figure.  I didn't want to risk Lincoln getting worse, and being stuck at home, so I called the pedi.  Thankfully, they were able to get us right in.  They tested Lincoln for strep, and checked him all out.  The strep test came back negative and they determined he just has an upper respiratory infection...which basically means, we just ride it out.  I don't regret bringing him in, because I would have been freaking out wondering if he's okay.

And about that blizzard?  Boy did we get one!  28 inches of snow in fact!  Lincoln and I braved the storm alone.  Jared pretty much worked the entire thing.  I was so scared that we would lose power, but thankfully we didn't. When we woke up the next morning, not even thinking, I opened the back door to let Evy outside, and a TON of snow  came into the house.  CRAZY!!

Lincoln was just in awe of the snow.  He was a little too sick to go outside and play in it, but I'm hoping he can get out there this week!

Because we were cooped up in the house all weekend, with our sick little boy, we did lots of snuggling, movie watching, and craft projects.  My boy loves him some paint! I was so incredibly impressed by the heart he painted all on his own!  Seriously, for a three year old, it was pretty freaking amazing!

week by iphone

Always being sweet with his Momma // Literally begging us to lock him in the dog crate. We didn't, for the record // Little cuddle bug // Apples & peanut butter. NOM! // Muffin Man // Ta daaaa!!! Showing off his muffins.

week by iphone

Naptime cuddles // Cat in the sink // Cheesin' with Momma // Wearing his jacket & backpack during the storm...we're not going anywhere, buddy! // Holy Snow!! // Watching Daddy shovel // So serious when he's painting // Showing me his heart stamp // His painted heart...AMAZING!!!

How was your week?

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