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Monday, February 4, 2013

Week by iPhone - 5/52

Are we really already into the fifth week of the new year?!  Surely that cannot be right!  We had a great week, filled with family, fun, and snuggles!!!  We even got some snow this past week.  It may look pretty, but I'm so sick of snow.  Bring on the sunshine!!!

English muffin pizzas.  Need I say more?  My husband actually introduced me to these, and I don't know how I didn't know about them sooner!  Delish!

Evy loves our commutes to drop off and pick up Lincoln from preschool.  She's my happy girl. 

Also?  Preschool art is just about the cutest thing EVER.  Seriously.  A snowman with a feather hat.  My kid kills me. 

I was super psyched to find a "son" bead for my Pandora bracelet!  For those inquiring minds wondering where I found it, check out Brighton

My parents came over mid-week to spend a couple of nights with us.  Lincoln was beyond thrilled.  Grammy & Grandpa were able to see where Lincoln goes to preschool and meet his teachers.  We also took a visit to the children's museum with them. We had a great time.  Lincoln has been missing them since they left.  He will ask me multiple times per day, "Grammy? Grandpa?"  Cutest.Thing.Ever.

grandparents and toddler boy

Jared had a hockey game on Saturday, and we decided to go watch Daddy play.  Lincoln did great, and was way more into watching the game than he was last year.  He was actually getting into it yelling, "OH NO!" and cheering when they scored!  So adorable. 

After the game, Daddy let him play the "claw game."  Mommy said no, but of course Daddy gave in.  The little bugger won FOUR things.  A bear and three balls!  I can never win at those things!  So funny!

On another note, my brand spankin' new laptop that I just purchased in November bit the dust.  Yeah.  Fun times.  I have a tech coming to my house some time this week to fix it.  I'd normally be freaking out, but I recently backed up all of my photos...something I have NEVER done before!  I know I know, not smart at all, but I'm glad it's taken care of.  Right now I'm blogging on my super slow, falling apart {no seriously}, laptop.  But whatever.  It will be fixed soon enough! 

OH.  I also registered Lincoln for spring soccer!  That will be freaking hysterical, I'm sure. 

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