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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Ten Valentines For Kids

Last week, I shared with you all my Top Ten Valentines Day Crafts for Kids via Pinterest {according to me}.  I promised to share my favorite Valentines for kids this week!  With Lincoln in preschool this year, I'm a bit excited about all the "school" things I get to do with him.  In all honesty, I'm probably more excited than he is, because he still doesn't quite "get it" yet.  I was really thrilled when I received the notice that his class would be having a Valentine's Day party.  The teachers requested the kids to bring in valentines for all their friends.  Seriously adorable, right?!

I knew I wanted to do something a bit different, rather than go to Target and buy a box of valentines and call it a day.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, or that I won't necessarily do that in the future, but I wanted something else.  So I turned to good ol' Pinterest to see what I could come up with...

kids valentine
Source: Love Stitched via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

What kid doesn't like bubbles?  These would be incredibly simple to make, and would be a great hit for sure!
kids valentines
Source: Disney Family via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

How incredibly creative are these Cars inspired valentines?!  What car-loving kid wouldn't flip over receiving a McQueen or Mater valentine?  I originally was going to do this for Lincoln's class, but then I quickly realized it would be a bit work, and I'd be doing mostly the entire thing.  But they sure are cute!
kids valentines
Source: Living Locurto via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest
 These would be great for school aged children.  Owl bookmarks!  Adorable!!
kids valentines
Source: Spoonful via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest
 Recycled crayons in the shape of a heart, surrounded by a valentine.  I really need to do this with all of Lincoln's broken crayons.

kids valentines
Source: All Free Kids Crafts via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Play Doh Valentines.  A simple printable sticker to place on the top of a play doh container.  Easy, cute, and the kids will love it!

kids valentines
Source: Blonde Designs via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

"I mustache you a question.  Will you be my Valentine?" Can be made with either a mustache, or lips!  Kids will think these are hysterical....and so will adults ;)

kids valentines
Source: Jolly Mom via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest
 This was another Valentine I almost chose for Lincoln's class.  Even though there are 3 girls, what girl wouldn't want her own matchbox car?!  I know I played cars with my brother when I was a kid.  Although we decided on something else, I think this is a great idea!

kids valentines
Source: Spoonful via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Super hero lollipops?!  These seriously slay me with their cuteness.  Very creative!!

kids valentines
Source: I Heart Naptime via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Butterfly lollipop valentines.  I figured because a few of my valentine ideas are mostly "boy inspired," I'd throw one in for the girlies :)

kids valentines
Source: All Free Kids Crafts via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Finger puppet Valentines.  I love how creative these are, and it's simple enough for your little tot to help make!

So there's your Top Ten Valentine's for Kids!  So what did we choose for Lincoln's class?  None of them!  So consider this a "Top Eleven" list!  Here's what Lincoln's friends at school will receive...

toddler valentines

I just love how these came out.  I ordered these printable valentines from etsy, and just stapled them on the top of an individual bag of goldfish!  I am really happy with how they came out, and Lincoln is so excited to give them to his friends at school. 

Are your kids exchanging valentines with their friends at school?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!


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