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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Effin' Poop

Let me start off by saying, for me to title this post "Effin' Poop," you know I'm pretty pissed off.  I don't just randomly drop F bombs.  Seriously.  I'm not saying I'm a saint or anything, I just hardly swear.  My swear word is "shit."  No joke.  Don't worry...no judgies for anyone who has a potty mouth [pun intended]. 

Anyways.  As I was saying...

Lincoln has been pee potty trained for about two months now.  He is also consistently waking up dry each night, which I think is amazing.  We were however having some issues in the poop department.  For whatever reason, he was terrified of sitting on the toilet, or even one of the three [I'm serious] potty's we have purchased for him.  I would have him in undies because if I put a pull up on him, he'd just poop in that.  We really tried every sort of bribe in the books.  No dice.

What would happen was he wouldn't poop in the undies...or anywhere else for that matter.  He would just hold it.  Then we would end up getting to three or four days or so, and I would put a pull up on him because I figured it needs to come out some how! 

For the past two weeks, no matter what Lincoln is wearing, undies OR pull up, he is refusing to poop. 

What will happen is, he'll get the urge so to say, and he will run over to the couch and lay down.  He will do this until the urge passes and he no longer has to go.  This pattern went on for five long days, and finally I had to give him a suppository.  That did the trick, only five days later we were in the same position, and I had to administer another one. 

Lincoln already gets Miralax each morning because he's dealt with constipation since he's been two years old or so.  I also try to keep as much fiber as he'll allow in his diet, as well as give him a daily fiber gummy vitamin. 

With ALL of that, he still wasn't pooping.  That is just not okay.  When a little boy just wants to lay on the couch all day, with NO TV, and not play, something is wrong!

I ended up doing a Miralax cleanse, to clean him out so to say.  We are totally laying off pooping in the potty, and just encouraging him to poop period.  We don't care where he does it at this point, we just want him to poop.  We are also keeping him in a pull up.  At this point, he understands that poop goes in the potty, but for whatever reason, he's just not ready to take that step. 

Constipation is no joke.  It's the worst thing in the world to see your child in so much pain.  And for him to try with all his might to just hold it, OHMYGAWD, it's so awful. 

I know it will eventually come to him.  He'll be 100% potty trained, when he's ready.  And in the meantime, for the love of god, please just poop.


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