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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Lesson in Speech Therapy

Last week at Lincoln's parent/teacher conference, his speech therapist showed us some exercises she's been working on with Lincoln. 
Lincoln sometimes has a difficult time when he's incorporating two words.  He'll often leave the first word out. Or if it's a two syllable word, he'll leave out the first syllable.  For example, the word "cupcake," will become "cake." 
She showed me a flip chart she's been using with him to practice two words, or more than one syllable words.  She started with something easy.  Two pictures of a ghost.  However, the word she used was "Boo."  His therapist will have him practice saying "Boo Boo." 
Once he mastered this exercise,  she changed things up a bit.  She kept the first picture "Boo"  but changed the second picture to something else.  A bee.
This exercise prompted Lincoln to say both "Boo" and "Bee." 
I do not know why Jared and I BOTH did not figure this out....but his speech therapist is teaching Lincoln how to essentially say "BOOBIE!!!" 
I don't think that's her intention, at all.  I mean, obviously.  She's ju st trying different consonant and vowel sounds.  BUT, we absolutley didn't pick up on this!!  I was explaining the exercise to my mom, and she couldn't stop laughing. 
And just for the heck of it, here's a video of Lincoln saying, "Boo Bee."  He was really excited when he saw these photos on my laptop screen.  I think he recognized them from school!!

So, my kid can say "Boobie."  Whatever.  He's talking! :)


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