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Monday, January 21, 2013

Week by iPhone - 3/52

Guys?  Last week kinda sucked a bit.  In fact, most of my photos from the week are of Lincoln sleeping, because we were all sick!  Lincoln was recovering from his cold the week before, and I got hit pretty bad with it.  I had a slight fever, nasty cough, and was all congested.  No bueno!  And of course because I was sick, my ever so darling husband decided his cold from the week before was bothering him again....enter THE MAN COLD!!! 

Is there anything worse than the dreaded man cold?! Because I really don't think there is.

Lincoln had a snow day on Wednesday, and I was freaking ecstatic to not have to drag both him and myself out of bed.  The day was spent playing Candyland, watching movies, eating soup, and snuggling. 

Thursday I had my annual appointment with my endocrinologist...aka: my thyroid cancer doctor.  All is well, just a routine yearly checkup. 

We celebrated my great appointment by hitting up Target and scoring majorly on their toy clearance...70% off baby!!! We are pretty stocked up for a few upcoming birthday presents...and a few things for our Lincoln, of course. 

Friday, Jared had a hockey game, so Lincoln and I had one of our favorite dinners...or "brinners"...PANCAKES!!!  Is it just me, or does breakfast taste even more amazing when it's for dinner?  My husband totally disagrees with me on this, which is why Lincoln and I had ourselves a little treat.  Yummmmmm!!!

week by iphone

This week?  I'm praying that the sickies stay far far away.  Jared and I are going away for a couple of nights, while Lincoln has himself a little vacation at my parents house. 

So here's to a good week, and no more winter sickies!!!

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