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Monday, January 14, 2013

Week by iPhone - 2/52

 Another eventful week in our household.  Jared and I are trying to change our eating habits this year.  It's not that we eat terribly unhealthy, we just eat out.  A lot.  I'm attempting to meal plan each week, and this week was our first week that we actually seemed to stick to it.  The only thing that makes it so difficult, is our terribly picky toddler.  Lincoln could happily live off of 5 foods.  Seriously. 

I pinned this breakfast smoothie recipe from Pinterest, and was really eager to try it out. 

The results? 

Just don't do it. 

It was so bland.  I think it needed more fruit.  Or just more of SOMETHING.  Yuck.


Jared worked a ridiculous amount of overtime this week, which meant for lots of Mommy/Lincoln time.  Which also meant, lots of snuggles and naps together.  I sure am not complaining! 

I started bringing Evy for the ride to drop off and pick up Lincoln from preschool.  She loves it, and is quite the co-pilot.  Lincoln is also really excited to see his puppy there to greet him!

My BFF got Lincoln this awesome play tent and tunnel for Christmas.  This thing is HUGE!  Lincoln loves it, as does our cat and dog.  The three of them have been playing with it together. 

Because of this tent, Lincoln is now obsessed with tents.  The other day he was making his books into "tents." So fun!

family fun

 Friday we took our little man to Build a Bear to use some gift cards he received for Christmas.  This was Lincoln's first time there, so he was really excited about the whole process.  He chose a German Shepherd, just like his pup Evy!  He was especially excited to give her a bath.  We had to do this twice before we left the store :)

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch, and walked around the mall for a bit.

Later that evening Lincoln was feeling a bit warm.  I took his temp.  102.7.  Crap. 

toddler cuddles

We spent the majority of the weekend around the house snuggling our sweet boy.  You would never know he wasn't feeling well, he was still his happy self...just with a fever.  Poor sweet boy. 

Jared and I booked a little mid week getaway for next week.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Lincoln will be staying at my parents, so he'll have a blast as well. 

Hope you had a great week(end)!!

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