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Monday, January 7, 2013

Week by iPhone - 1/52

My friend Kat, over at Living Like the Kings, is starting a link-up where we can all share our weekly photos that we take on our phones!  It's basically a "weekly recap," but with all those photos you have taken throughout the week!  I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS taking pictures with my iPhone.  This is a great way to actually do something with them!

This week started off with a trip to my parents house in Rhode Island.  Lincoln should seriously win an award for "most awesome traveler ever."  We have been making this 2 1/2 hour drive since he was 6 weeks old.  He is such a trooper.  He doesn't mind the drive at all, and we probably average making it every other week. 

There was a snow storm in Rhode Island while we were there.  My parents got way more snow than we got in Connecticut!!  It's pretty and all that, but I'm ready for spring! 

Lincoln and our dog Evy are seriously like siblings.  The other day I left the room for two seconds, and I came back to find he painted her in yogurt, proud as can be.  Evy didn't seem to mind too much.  She loves her boy. 

And speaking of Evy.  She is such a great dog.  Sure she's crazy at times, but she's so loyal and sweet.  Last week I was trying to get some work done on my laptop, and she wanted to cuddle so much, that she actually placed her head on my laptop.  I think she was hoping I'd get the hint.

toddler boy, german shepherd

Our biggest event last week was our day at Disney on Ice.  I was super excited to take Lincoln, especially seeing as he's been to Disney World quite a few times in the past year.  The show in our area featured characters from Cars and Toy Story.  It was seriously a little boys dream!  He had such a fun time, and seeing the amazement in his eyes was worth the ridiculous amount of $$$ the day cost. 

disney on ice toddler boy family

Sunday was relatively low key.  We went to get Lincoln an over-priced haircut, which I'm still not sure how I like.  I love his hair, and I think they may have trimmed it up a bit too much.  Afterwards we stopped at Panera for lunch, followed by Kohl's to get my sweet boy some "Buzz" jammies he's been asking for. 

daddy and son

Now here we are, another week ready to begin, and many more memories to be made.

Come link up your week by phone photos with Living Like the Kings!!

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