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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Don't Want to Forget | V.2

Lincoln calls Jared "Mom-Dad" 90% of the time. Freaking hysterical & adorable all at once.

He has recently started to ask me, "Mom, cuddle?"  & I swear I melt every.single.time.

Lincoln is fiercely independent.  If it's something he is capable of doing, you better believe he's the one that's going to do it.  For example: When we come home, he has to open the door from the garage going into the house.  If you open it before him, he will close it so he can reopen the door.

Out of nowhere he will look at me and just say, "Mom?"  to which I reply, "yes, Lincoln?" His response is "Yahhh."  I wish you could hear his little voice, because how he says it is adorable.

The "Corn & Dada" song.  This one I need to get on video.  My kid is hilarious.

Lincoln is OBSESSED with the moon.  The other night he literally spent 30 minutes watching it hide behind the clouds, and then reappear in complete amazement.   

How he always says, "Ahhhhh.  It's good." After he takes a sip of his drink.

He is bossy as heck when it comes to the television.  He seriously thinks he owns that thing and that he controls what is on it 24/7...even if he's not watching it. 

Thanks to his speech therapy, small sentences are forming!  He will clearly let you know what he does and does not want.  For example: "No juice." or "grilled cheese please."  And his new favorite phrase, where I also thank preschool, "No Way!!"  Hearing him talk really makes my Momma heart happy, and so incredibly proud.

He is also obsessed with coffee.  No, no.  Rest assured, he does not drink coffee.  He does however like to pretend to make me coffee.  And he thinks I always need to have a cup in my hand.  Me thinks my boy thinks I have a caffeine problem.


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