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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How I Met My Husband

It's a question that gets asked quite often, and I cannot believe I've never shared our story.

How did I meet my husband?

Well.  It's quite the story, honestly.  So grab your favorite drink and make yourself comfy.

I was 23 years old.  Jared was 22.  Yep, I am a cradle robber! 

Anyways.  We were both working at Target.  I worked in Human Resources, while Jared worked the overnight shift.  We would see each other early in the mornings, when I was coming into work, and he was leaving. 

The first thing I noticed about Jared were his eyes.  It was like they could see through me.  They were so dark and deep, and magical.  I could always feel myself blush whenever he'd walk by and give me "that look."

For a couple of weeks or so, that's really how things went.  I'd get into work, maybe putting a little more effort into how I looked than usual, Jared would walk by my desk after he punched out, give me a devilish smile and "that look."  It was innocent enough.

And it had to be innocent.  Well, for now anyways.  I was actually in a relationship with someone else.  It was a dead end relationship that was going on two years.  The person I was with had an 8 year old daughter.  If I'm honest with myself, the only reason I stayed in that relationship as long as I did, was because of that little girl. 

But when I met Jared, it really made me reevaluate my current relationship.  Why was I having these strong feelings towards someone else? 

It started off innocent.  Mostly.  As the weeks passed by, Jared and I started to talk at work.  Just small talk really.  But in that time, we got to know one another.  He would punch out when he was finished with his shift, and come visit me at my desk for a few hours to chat while I worked.  Overtime he gave me his number.  And I called him. 

I remember dialing his number asking myself, "why am I doing this?" Completely knowing it was wrong.  However, at that time, the relationship I was already in, was already over for me.  Not officially, and he had no idea, but I wasn't vested anymore.  I kept making excuses not to see him, and he made it all too easy when he went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras without me. 

My boyfriend went to New Orleans, and Jared and I had our first date.  Not officially.  But we were hanging out outside of work.  It was during that time that I knew I had to end my relationship because I wanted to be with Jared. 

So I ended things.  It was ugly.  The man who couldn't tell me he loved me for almost two years was practically down on his knee proposing so I wouldn't leave him. 


But, it was too late.  I had already made up my mind, and there was no way I was going back, or even wanted to. 

The hardest part of the breakup was saying goodbye to his daughter.  I really loved that little girl. She was so sweet and had already came from a broken home.  I knew she wasn't my responsibility, and although it made her sad, and she cried, and it completely broke my heart, I knew I had to do what was best for myself. 

To say Jared swept me off my feet would be a huge understatement.  He was full of romance, something I wasn't used to at all, but gosh did I love it.  It was like the things you see in the movies, and it was happening to me!  Some moments I would just stand still so I could take it all in.  It was so very surreal.  It was the kind of relationship I dreamed about.  The kind of love I had always imagined.  And so much more.

So with that, Jared and I have been together ever since!  Sure there have been some bumps in the road along the way, but I clearly made the right choice! 

We've been together since February of 2005.  Jared proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2005.  That's right.  We weren't together even one year.  We got married on May 20th, 2007, and two and a half years later, Lincoln was born. 

It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

husband and wife

Gosh, we look like babies!!!

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