The Momma Diaries: October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Little Boy Who Cried "Potty!"

Ohhh potty training.  You are a fun time, let me tell you. 

Never in a million years did it occur to me that my sweet, sweet boy would use potty training to manipulate me! 

Oh no.  I kid you not. 

We are still co-sleeping with Lincoln, so here's what happens when we go to bed...

Please keep in mind Lincoln goes potty right before getting into bed.

We lay down and Lincoln gets all snuggly.  He gives lots and lots of hugs and kisses. 

Then.  Out of nowhere, he jumps up, and says...


Did he poop?  Absolutely not. 

Does he stink?  That is highly possible. 

Does he REALLY have to go potty???

Well, because he's so insistent upon it, I take him.  And he seems to always squeeze out the tiniest amount of pee. 

Personally?  I think my kid is playing me.  Yet, I seem to fall for it each night.

My [almost] 3 year old, is already outsmarting his Momma.



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Friday, October 26, 2012


Never in a million years, did I realize the amount of nicknames I would have for my son. 

Off the top of my head, here are a few:

Little Tush
Little Bum Bum
Tickle Tush
Trouble Butt
Sweet boy
Little Man
Mister Man
Handsome Man

Somehow, I'm sure there are more! 

What nicknames do you have for your little ones?


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I don't want to forget.

How Lincoln has started calling me, "Mom-Mom."  & it's the cutest thing ever.

The way he always falls asleep with his little hands behind his head.

How he smiles with his big brown eyes.

How he falls asleep each night with his head on my chest.

How when he gets a "boo-boo," Momma's kisses make everything magically better.

How he gives me the cutest, yet mischievious look, when he's up to no good.

How when he cuddles, he wraps his little arm around my face, to snuggle closer.

The way he'll give me extra long hugs, and rest his head on my shoulder.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let the festivities begin!

Tonight, we're boarding a plane to Florida!! 

Although my Dad is home, we have my aunts wedding there this coming weekend! 

Because we never knew when my Dad would actually have his transplant, or how long he would have to stay in Florida, my aunt decided to have her wedding there.  Such a thoughtful thing for her to do, considering he's her brother in-law!

We're using this trip as a time to celebrate with our family.  Everything that has happened throughout this past year certainly deserves a celebration!

And the best part?  Lincoln is the ring bearer!  Hilarity will ensue for sure!

I cannot wait to share all the photos that will be captured....MY LITTLE MAN WILL BE IN A LITTLE TUXEDO!!!  Seriously.  How stinkin' cute!!

I won't be completely MIA for a week, though!  I have scheduled a few blog posts for you!  We'll be back home sometime mid next week. 

Don't forget to enter to win $50 to Shutterfly!  You can enter multiple times per day!!

If you could spare a click while I'm away, I'd greatly appreciate it!  Currently we're on the front page

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Until then....


Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - Fall 2012

Remember that Fall Bucket List I created a few weeks back?  Well, we got to mark one off our list!  Recently, we visited a local pumpkin patch!!

I have not visited a pumpkin patch since I WAS A KID.  So, it was obviously way overdue. 

Lincoln is at such a fun age right now, that I just knew he would absolutely love it. 

It was a brisk, fall day, which I think made our time even more enjoyable.  It actually felt like fall!  Lincoln could barely control his excitement as we boarded the tractor for the hayride. 

fall 2012

We took a five minute ride in the tractor to get to the pumpkin patch.  Once we arrived, I couldn't believe how many pumpkins there actually were!  I mean, it sounds silly, because we were at a pumpkin patch, but, there were just SO many!!

Jared hopped out of the hayride with Lincoln, and the two of them went on the hunt to find the perfect pumpkin.  I stayed on the tractor to take some photos of my boys :)

pumpkin patch

Lincoln found his TWO perfect pumpkins.  An itty bitty tiny one, and a little gourd!! It really made me laugh that he loved the small pumpkins so much, because I clearly remember my brother being the exact same way when we were kids!

pumpkins and toddler

I really love making memories, and starting traditions with Lincoln.  Having my sweet son to do all these fun things with, is seriously the best thing ever.


 We ended up spending $40 in pumpkins!! Along with Lincoln's two tiny ones, we picked up 2 big ones and two other small ones.    Jared will carve one of the larger ones, and Lincoln will paint the other. 

Here's Lincoln with his very own pumpkin patch :)

toddler and pumpkins

Have you visited your local pumpkin patch this year?  It was certainly something we will do each fall with our family.  It was a blast!


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Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Envelope Review

Red Envelope is a shopping website that offers an incredible selection of gifts.  Whether you're buying for yourself, or searching for a gift for someone, Red Envelope has you covered. 

I was recently contacted by the folks of Red Envelope to review a couple of their products. 

After searching the site for quite some time, I finally decided on the Cloud B Twilight Turtle, and the Punched Letter Votives. 

It only took a few days, and a huge box arrived to my door...

I've had my eye on the Twilight Turtle for quite some time now.  It works as a nightlight, that will illuminate your little one's ceiling to transform it into the night sky! 

Because we're still bedsharing with Lincoln, I think the Twilight Turtle will be a great incentive to get him into his own big boy bed.  The turtle itself is also plush, so despite the hard shell, he can still snuggle with it :)

I also chose a set of punched letter votive candles, in "love." 

I just adore these.  Seriously.  How amazing will they look all lit up with the word "love" shining through?! 

The quality of the votives is amazing.  They're porcelain, and glazed with a slate blue interior.  They would especially look lovely on top of a mantle.  We do have a fake fireplace, so that's always a possibility ;)

I am very pleased with my experience from Red Envelope.  If you're searching for quality gifts this Holiday season, be sure to check them out!

Disclosure:  I received these products free of charge, in return for this review.  However, all opinions stated are of my own.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shutterfly 2012 Holiday Cards - Giveaway

Before I begin, YES, I do realize Halloween or Thanksgiving has yet to occur. 

That being said.  Who's ready to talk Christmas Cards with me?! 

I'm the first to admit that I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas cards.  I love the whole process.  Getting our photos taken, designing the perfect card, getting them in the mail, and addressing the envelopes. 

To me, Christmas is a magical time of the year, and I love sending a card to all our family and friends. 

I love receiving Christmas cards from our families and friends.  I love those cards even more, if they're photo Christmas cards. 

Those are the keepers.  Each and every one. 

To be honest with you, if it's not a photo card, it doesn't make it to see the next year.  I save ALL of our photo cards. 

My favorite site to order our Christmas cards from, is Shutterfly.  I've ordered from them for the past three years, and each year I'm even more pleased than the last. 

I've been browsing their site for this years possible contenders.  Here are a few I'm eyeing...

There are seriously so many choices!  I could spend hours browsing their gorgeous designs.  No joke! 

I use Shutterfly for several other photo products, such as their prints and their photo books.  I find myself frequently checking their special offers page, to discover their latest deal!

Lucky for you, Shutterfly has offered on of my readers the opportunity to win $50 to their site! {please note: shipping charges are not included, and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion}.

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.  You will have to click "read more" to open the widget to enter.  Good luck, everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Self Photo

Lincoln has been quite obsessed with taking photos of himself lately, with my forward facing camera.

Not too shabby for a toddler ;)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got Poop? {Stories}

Two weeks ago, I asked you all to share your funny toddler poop stories.  It might seem a bit inappropriate, but c'mon, they can be freaking hilarious!  Two of my brave readers volunteered their stories, and now it's my turn to share them with you! 
So with that...Here we go!!!
Last week I was cleaning the house and I noticed all of a sudden that it was very quiet…not a good sign, as any mom knows…mischief is at hand most definitely. I walked into the boys’ bathroom to find Hunter and Colton bent over the toilet! Hunter still had his pants down and it smelled quite stinky. And had it not I don’t think I would have believed what had occurred. H had gone poop, C had wiped his tush (clean might I add, of course I checked), they had plopped the turd into the toilet and flushed that bad boy away…Not even kidding!! I didn’t want to scold them because, after all, they were taking care of some serious business. But I did tell Hunter that he needed to tell an adult when he needed to go potty and that we would be more then happy to help him, “But I told Colton mom”…lol! Too cute! Needless to say I scrubbed both of their hands up to their shoulders and fully inspected them both for any residual mess. Good to go! Would have thought they were girls they cleaned up the mess so well. I’m fully impressed and horrified all at the same time. Gotta love being a mom!
So today when the boys are playing cars, typical play for us. I listened in on the conversation. They are each driving a big car (the daddy car) and a little car (the kid car). The kid car keeps telling the dad car he needs to go poop! Now, being a mom of boys I think this is hilarious!! I mean of course the kid car needs to poop right?! Where do they come up with this stuff?

Again, today we are outside and the boys are playing with rocks and sticks…we have lots of those out here in the great pacific northwest! Both Hunter and Colton are leaning over this rock looking under it…Me “Boys, what are you looking at?” Hunter “Oh we are looking for poop.” Me “Oh.” LOL! OF course you’re looking for poop…why the heck not! Luckily they didn’t find any. But geez..gross!!! - Deanna @ Mayhem Mavens
Our son wasn’t even two yet. I had my brother and his wife over for the weekend. We were enjoying a nice supper and Braden was done, so we stripped him naked and let him have his nightly “nudey bum time”which he has been enjoying since he was about 8 weeks old. We were taking our time visiting at the supper table, when all of a sudden we look over to a naked toddler with his legs apart, squatting just ever so slightly, to drop a nugget within feet of my brother onto the floor and run away giggling. Luckily my brother and his wife thought it was hilarious, but I was mortified! My son has ALWAYS been a private pooper and had never had a poop accident in all his nightly rituals nudey bum I was shocked! Needless to say...that was also the night we retired naked time! – Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer

Thank you both for sharing!  If you're looking for new blogs to read, make sure you check out Mayhem Mavens and Nurse Loves Farmer

Hope you all got a good laugh!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lincoln's Pre-K Evaluation {Follow Up Post}

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your kind wishes, and words of encouragement on last weeks post.  It means a lot to hear you all care so much about my sweet Lincoln. 

As nervous as I was for the evaluation, thankfully all of my nerves went right out the window once our evaluators met us at the door to the elementary school.  They were seriously so nice. 

We followed them to the pre-school classroom.  When we walked into the door, Lincoln's exact words were, "WOW!!!"  There were SO many toys, SO many new things to see, A LOT of fun stuff! 

Here's where it gets tricky.  Our evaluators wanted to jump right into things, and get straight to work, quizzing Lincoln.  There was absolutely no way he was having any of it.  Not only were we in a new environment, we were in a toddler's dream environment.  There were way too many new things for him to discover! 

Thankfully, the evaluators quickly realized, they weren't going to get anywhere with him, so they allowed him some free, independent play, while they asked Jared and me some questions. 

They also quickly assessed that we would be doing the evaluation in two days, so they could get a good feel for Lincoln.  And no surprise, next time we meet, we won't be going to the fun Pre-K classroom. 

They were able to test Lincoln a little bit.  This basically was them showing him a picture.  There were usually five different objects or so on the page.  They would ask Lincoln, "where's the ball, car, puppy, etc?"  Lincoln would always point to the correct picture, and respond with its name. 

They also quizzed him on his body parts, which he knew, as well. 

I think next time, we'll be doing more in depth far as "in depth" you can test an almost 3 year old. 

I was able to get some information on if he's accepted into the program, how it works.  He would go to SCHOOL four mornings per week.  Umm.  Wait a sec.  I need to catch my breath.

I really wasn't expecting this.  I was also told that Lincoln could be bussed to school:::hyperventilates into paper bag:::

I really don't think I could have said, "Oh, I would just bring him myself," fast enough. 

I'm really not sure how I feel about the entire "four mornings a week" thing. 


Is he ready for a program that aggressive?  Will it be overwhelming to him? 

Will it be overwhelming to me???

If I have to be honest with myself, Lincoln would probably love it.  It just seems like this whole "going to school thing" is happening way too fast.  I don't know if I'm ready!!!

But.  This isn't about me.  It's about Lincoln, and what he needs.  If it is decided that he could benefit from this program, how can I stop him from attending? 

I can't.

As Lincoln's Momma, I have to put his needs before mine.  Even if that means my heart breaks a little bit, in the mean time.  He comes first.  Always.

Nothing is decided yet.  We still have our second evaluation in a couple of weeks.  For now, I'm taking it one day at a time.  There is no sense to dwell on the what-if's.  Right now, we just have to take things as they come....and wait. 

The waiting is always the hard part.

Regardless if Lincoln gets into the Pre-K program, or not, I will do what's best for my sweet boy.  I'm his Momma.  That's my job.


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweet December Hats {Review & Giveaway}


Fall has arrived!  No more hot and humid days!!  Well, at least for all of us not living in the south!  This past week, especially, the brisk weather has started!  The air outside is starting to get much cooler.  Before we know it, winter will be upon us!  As much as I despise winter, I do love that with it brings adorable children's accessories.  There is just something so precious about a child wearing a ridiculously cute hat!

Sweet December Hats is a darling shop that specializes in just that.  Bethany, the shop owner, creates darling crocheted hats.  She is seriously, so talented! See for yourself...


Aren't they beautiful?  Sweet December Hats also makes adorable hair accessories!

giveaway, hair accessories

If we ever have a little girl, I think I'm in trouble!!!  There are just so many options! 

Sweet December Hats kindly offered Lincoln any hat in their shop to try out.  We chose their football hat.  We're big football fans in our household, [GO PATRIOTS!!], so it was an easy choice! 

football beanie hat

Seriously.  How stinkin' cute is he wearing his football hat?!  I just adore it, and so doesn't Lincoln!  It is so warm and cozy.  It will certainly keep him warm all season long!

Lucky for you, Sweet December Hats is generously giving one of my lucky readers the opportunity to win $25 to their shop! 

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.  To enter, you will need to click "read more" to open the widget. Good luck everyone!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tot Talk | V.4

I think the actual "act" is what makes this one...

kids say the darndest things

What can I say?  He is his father's son...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kid City Children's Museum

When my niece and nephew were here visiting last week, I wanted to do something fun with them.  While Jared and his brothers went fishing one day, my sister in-law and I decided to take the kids to Kid City Children's Museum

I had taken Lincoln there last winter, and he had a blast.  I actually ended up purchasing the yearly membership!  I'm pretty excited about it, because I can also use it at other children's museums. 

Surprisingly enough, the museum wasn't too crowded, which is always a nice thing.  Lincoln had a blast playing with his big cousins.  We were there for 3 hours!  The kids did not want to leave!! Can you blame them??

The museum is a little over an hour from our house.  But, considering we live in the middle of no where, that's not too bad. 

Do you have a children's museum in your area?  I just love all the different exhibits they have for kids.  Lincoln could spend days there!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Flashback

How about a little flashback to wee baby Lincoln, today. 

He was almost 2 months old in this photo.  Such a sweetie.

Please don't forget to submit your funny baby/toddler/kids funny poop stories

I'm hoping to publish them next week!! 


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pre-K Evaluation

Lincoln has been in the Early Intervention program since last March, for speech.  I cannot express how thankful I am for this program.  Lincoln has received speech therapy in the comfort of his own home.  He has made so much progress during this time.  He calls me "Momma."  I had waited 2 1/2 years to hear that sweet word, and now, he says it all the time. I don't think I will ever tire of hearing him call me "Momma."  I truly cherish all the effort and determination he put into saying that sweet word, for me.

I cannot tell you enough, how proud I am of my sweet boy.  I cannot tell you enough, how proud he is of himself...and that is the best part.  Actually seeing my son be proud of himself.  Simply put, it's amazing.  I really don't know how else to describe it.

The Early Intervention program only lasts until your child is 3 years old.  And guys?  That is coming up rather quickly.  A little more quickly than I'd like. 

I know what you're thinking.  So, what happens when Lincoln turns three?  Do they just drop him out of the program?  What if he's not ready?

Well.  Not exactly. 

Today, Lincoln is being evaluated for the Pre-K speech program.  If he still needs speech therapy, he will continue his sessions there.  I'm not entirely sure how the program works yet, I have one million and one questions to ask.   But, from what I gather, I'd bring him to the school once per week for a one hour session.  He would still receive his speech therapy, just in a different setting.

As much as he has thrived with the Early Intervention program, I do think he will need to continue his sessions.  He's just not completely caught up, and while I wish he was, I certainly will not deny him something that he can only benefit from.

But.  I'm nervous.  Lincoln is a smart boy.  Sometimes, I'm just amazed with how smart he is.  He completely blows my mind.  I want the evaluators to see that.  I want them to be blown away by my [almost] 3 year old.  I know he's behind in his speech development, but I just know that once he puts all those pieces together, he is going to take off and run with it!  I know they can help my son do that. 

Unfortunately, this evaluation isn't like a test you can study for.  To be completely honest, Lincoln could do unbelievably amazing...or, not.  He's a toddler.  Toddler's are unpredictable.  I know this.  You know this.  And, the evaluators know this. 

So, why am I so nervous?!

One thing I can guarantee, is they will fall in love with my sweet Lincoln.  How can they not?

Whatever this day brings, I know one thing is certain.  I will be proud of my son.  For everything.  For his strength.  For his determination.  For his love.  I will always be proud.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Family {Review & Giveaway}

Despite my toddlers picky eating habits, I always try my best to make sure he has a balanced diet.  Way back when Lincoln was 9 months old, I had the opportunity to host a review/giveaway with Happy Family.  I fell in love with their baby food pouches, and they have continued to serve us [Lincoln] well.  To this day, those pouches are one of Lincoln's favorite snacks.  While he will refuse any sort of veggie on his dinner plate, I can count on Happy Family to still get him those nutrients, packed into those pouches!

I was delighted that I had the opportunity to work with Happy Family again.  This time I was asked to review a relatively new line of products, specifically catering to the needs of toddlers! 

I was sent free product coupons in the mail, and immediately headed to Target to scoop up these wholesome foods.

The Happy Tot Plus Pouches were almost immediately devoured the second Lincoln laid his eyes upon them.  They come in three flavors.  I would say that the blueberry, apple, & purple carrot was his favorite. 

What makes these pouches different from their traditional baby pouches, is they're specifically formulated for toddlers nutritional needs. 

We also got to test out their new Toddler Meal Bowls.  These bowls offer an entire healthy meal that is ready for your toddler in just about 30 seconds. They are offered in four different varieties.  Here is Lincoln checking out the vegetable ravioli, and reading the ingredients...

He was quite impressed.  And my vegetable hating son?  He had no clue he was eating veggies with every bite!  This makes for a very happy toddler, AND Momma!!

Happy Family has generously offered one of my readers the opportunity to WIN the same toddler package that Lincoln tried! 

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.  You will need to click "read more" to open the widget and enter.  Good luck!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Crafts via Pinterest

Halloween is literally just around the corner.  Today I am sharing my top ten Halloween crafts, via Pinterest.  So with that, let's get started! 

Source: Happenings of the Harper Household via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

How adorable is this hand print spider?  Seems simple enough to make, & what kid wouldn't have a blast doing this?!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest
 How awesome are these monster pumpkins?  They certainly could spruce up your yard for some Halloween spirit! 
Source:  Feeling Love Some via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Chevron pumpkins.  What?!?!  We all know that chevron has been all the rage this past year.  Why not decorate a pumpkin with this popular pattern?

Source: Baby Rabies via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

A monster wreath to deck out your front door.  I know Lincoln would find this super cool!
Source: Party Box Design via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest
A FREE Halloween printable.  Nothing better than that!
Source: Thrifty Crafty Girl via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

These are toilet paper rolls.  You simply cut eye shapes into them, and insert a glow stick.  Next you place them inside your bushes.  The result?  Glowing eyes coming from your bushes!  Spooooky!!!

Source: Family Fun via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Milk jug ghost lanterns.  Such an easy craft, that looks great!

Source: Think Crafts via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Puff paint used to decorate pumpkins.  Genius idea!  Why have I never thought of this?!

Source: Recycle Thyme via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

I think this is just a darling idea!  It's actually made into a lantern, but how clever!

Source: One Charming Party via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

Toilet paper pumpkins.  I'm pretty sure I made these wayyyy back in elementary school.  Easy peasy to make, and Lincoln would have such fun!

Well, there you have it.  My top ten Halloween crafts via pinterest

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