The Momma Diaries: June 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

BlogHer '12 Weekly Check-In

The count down to BlogHer '12 is on!  I purchased my ticket earlier this week, and my hotel is booked!  Jared is coming along with me to the conference, and I really cannot get over how excited he is!

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly BlogHer '12 check-in.  If you're interested in participating in this, please comment on this post, and next week I'll make it a linky!!

This week was HUGE.  Besides purchasing my conference tickets, TWO amazing keynote speakers were announced.  Katie Couric AND Martha Stewart will both be speaking at the event!  Seriously?  How unbelievably awesome!  There is going to be a third speaker as well, which will be announced some time in July.  I have to admit, I've been wondering who it could be.  Michelle Obama?  How amazing would THAT be?! 

As for myself, I started to design my business cards.  It's a very tedious task, for sure...but, still fun nonetheless!  And speaking of business cards, if you're attending BlogHer '12, you can snag either 100 free mini cards or 50 free business cards from Moo!  It sounds easy peasy, you just design your card, pay $3 for shipping, and pick up your business cards at their booth at BlogHer!  Voila!  You can click here to get on this deal. 

I am still trying to round up sponsors, but I'm trying not to stress over it too much ;) 

Incase you missed it, I have discounted all my small, medium, and large ad spaces to 40% off with code "Deal40." You can check them out here.

And, as a special BlogHer '12 promo from my little etsy shop, all orders are 20% off with code "BlogHer."  Visit my shop here :)

I think that about sums up my BlogHer '12 adventures for this week.  Remember, if you'd be interested in this turning into a linky party next week, let me know!!  Can't wait to see you all there :)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Toddler Summer Essentials

Last week I posted about my summer essentials.  I told you all I would write about Lincoln's summer essentials this week.  As promised, here you go...

1.  I never understood the necessity of a rashguard, until I became the Momma of a baby boy.  Lincoln ALWAYS wears a rashguard.  It gives him extra protection from the sun's harmful rays.  And, they are quite cute!  In fact, Lincoln has this very same one from The Children's Place :)

2.  Outdoor toys are a must!  Cars, trucks, or anything with wheels, are favorites in our household.  Sandtrucks are perfect to play with outside!

3.  I know I've mentioned once or twice before how much I love the puddle jumper.  This floatation device allows Lincoln to completely swim all by himself.  He even jumps into the pool wearing this thing!  It gives him great confidence.  It's awesome!

4.  Aveeno Baby Sunblock.  I don't even think I need an explanation for this one.

5.  BUBBLES!!!  Seriously, hours of enjoyment.  Lincoln loves to "stomp" on the bubbles.  I particularly like the "no spill" bubbles, like the one pictured.  This allows Lincoln to blow his own bubbles...minus the mess ;)

6.  Rocket Pop Molds.  One of Lincoln's favorite things is spaceships.  When I saw these molds, I knew we had to buy them!!  I made smoothie pops with these the other day, and they were a great hit!

7.  Balls, balls, and more balls.  You seriously cannot have enough!  Lincoln is loving soccer.  We can sign him up when he turns 3 years old, and I really think we will!

8.  We bought this Little Tikes water table for Lincoln last year, and it's just as much fun this year!  Oh, and a sidenote, I totally just pulled that old post up and just about died about those sweet baby cheeks my boy had just one year ago :::tear:::

9.  A baseball cap.  Because really, what little boy doesn't need a baseball cap?  Preferably one that says "Boston Red Sox" :)

10.  And lastly, swim diapers!!! Because disintergrating diapers are not fun!!!

There you have it, folks.  My top ten summer essentials for toddlers...well, my toddler anyways :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Week {End}

Normally I'm good about doing my "Weekly Roundup" post on Friday, but last week I was just too busy!  So, consider this your Weekly Roundup and your Weekend Recap, all bundled up into one post  ;)

Here's what we were up to last week...

Nomming on Goldfish // Apples & caramel snack for Momma! // New table & truck  // Extreme closeup // Simply Gogurt snack time // Clearly excited about going to Grammy's for the weekend // QT with Daddy // Sleeping cutie.

This past weekend Lincoln and I stayed at my Mom's in Rhode Island.  I had a bridal shower to attend, and while I was there, Lincoln got to hang with one of his auntie's for the day!  He had a great time, and even had a new little friend to play with :)

In other news....guess who got her Blogher12 conference pass?!?!  OH YES, I DID!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?!  And YES, the hubs got his as we will BOTH be there ;)

I am still looking for sponsors, so if you're interested, check out the info here

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Summer Essentials

It's summa summa summa time!! I have great childhood memories of summer, and I hope to for Lincoln to enjoy this season and all it has to offer, as well. 

Here are a few of my summer essentials. 

1.  I am a firm believer that you can never have too many tank tops.  I live in tanks all summer long.  The one pictured, from Old Navy, is so versatile.  It can be worn casually, or out on the town. But let's face it, the only place I'm going is the playground :)

2.  My Kindle Touch.  LOVE this little device.  I opted against the Kindle Fire, because I wanted my pages to resemble a book...which helps with reading outside.  When Lincoln is busy playing outside, I love to sit in the shade and relax with my Kindle.

3.  Long flowy skirts, like the one pictured {Old Navy}

4.  Sunglasses!!!  Heck, these are not just a summer essential, these are an EVERYDAY essential!!  I love me some sunnies.  But, I never spend really more than $10 for a pair, because I tend to break them more frequently than I'd like to admit!

5.  So these are actually a cute little pajama set from Old Navy, but seriously I could bum around the house on this on a hot day!  I love it.  ::runs to to purchase::

6.  My Camelbak water bottle, because we all know how important a little H2O is, especially in the summertime!  I tend to drink more water if I fill up my fun water bottle, than if I were to just fill up a glass or drink bottled water. 

7.  This cute wristlet from Vera Bradley in the Watercolor print.  I currently have a different print, but I think this one is perfect for summer. 

8.  Aveeno sunblock in SPF 55.  Because skin cancer is not cool, kids. 

9.  Fun in the sun nail polish.  These colors from Essie just scream summer!!

10. Nars lip gloss in Orgasm.  Need I say more?

So there you have it.  My top ten essentials for summer.  Next week I plan on posting Lincoln's top ten summer essentials!!

What are your go to summer essentials? 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unleashing my inner "Mama Bear"

I'm sure you have all heard of the "mama bear" reference before.  As a mother, it's something that just happens.  It's instinct.  You naturally protect your child, just as a mama bear protects her cub. 
The other day I had a "mama bear" incident. 

Let me set the scene.

We were visiting friends that were home for the weekend.  We only see these friends about once per year. They have a two year old little girl, so we were excited for Lincoln and her to play together.  Saturday they came to our house for lunch, and then we visited them where they were staying on Sunday. 

So, we're in the house and Lincoln picks up this stuffed monkey that is on the floor.  He gives the monkey a hug.  The little girl freaks her freak on.  Obviously she's not happy that Lincoln is playing with her monkey.  No biggie.  These kiddos are just learning about sharing, and certainly Lincoln had to share his toys with her the day before.  That's what most of you are probably thinking.  HOWEVER, the father of this little girl TOOK THE MONKEY FROM MY SON!!!  He in turn gave it to his daughter and said, "oh, that's her monkey.  No one can play with that monkey but her."  Umm, seriously?!  That is just not cool in my book.  Lincoln looked a bit confused, and pissed off for that matter, and honestly I don't blame him one bit...I was pissed off myself!  They ended up putting the monkey in the other room so  my son didn't contaminate touch him again. 

Five minutes later the kids are playing again.  They are excited and run into each other.  The little girl falls down and cries.  Both the mother and father go running toward her, and seriously give my sweet boy the look of death.  They thought Lincoln pushed her.  I said something like, "wow you two sure are excited running into each other."  Yeah.  They ignored me.  Instead they were tending to their daughter, while glancing up every few seconds to stare down my two year old. 

We ended up taking Lincoln outside to play, however for the rest of our time there we heard comments like, "Wow Lincoln sure has a lot of energy." And my favorite, "good luck with him."  Nice, huh?!  While I typically ignore these comments or nicely say that he's a typical 2 1/2 year old boy, I really don't know how much longer I'll be able to do these sort of things.  I mean, it's probably only going to get worse. 

That's where the "mama bear" comes in.

That's my son.  My sweet boy who just the day before shared his cars and trains with this little girl.  Was he happy about sharing? Probably not, but it's what we do.  As parents, it's our job to teach our children what's right and wrong. 

Giving a two year old dirty looks and looking at them in complete disgust is just WRONG PEOPLE!!! Who the heck does that?!?! 

It took all I had to not scoop my sweet boy up and leave then and there.  I'm his Momma.  It's my job to protect him. 


Monday, June 18, 2012

Ridin' and Slippin' and Slidin' !!!

Last Friday, we met up with Jared's cousins and took the kids to a nearby amusement park.  I wasn't too sure how Lincoln would do.  He's been to Disney a bunch of times [lucky kid], but the last time we were  there he wanted nothing to do with the rides.  But, we decided to go for it anyways.

And, I'm so glad we did!  He seriously had the BEST time ever!  I don't know if he was excited to be with his cousins, or what, but my boy had a blast! 

And the rides?  Well, he went on them again and again!

Lincoln and his cousin, Cayden are exactly one month apart.  People always assume they're twins!  They have grown up together right from the start, and they're really starting to become best buds.  It's so awesome!

Oh, and yes.  That would be my fearless boy riding the FRONT SEAT of the kiddie coaster!!  He rode it FOUR TIMES!!  He LOVED it!!  Seeing him have so much fun, made me so happy!

There's also a water park attached to the amusement area.  I knew Lincoln would love this.  We headed there for a couple of hours.  He was great about wearing the life jacket.  It's a bit different from his puddle jumper, but he seemed to know that if he put it on, he could go play! 

And play, he did!  They even had little kiddie water slides that he eagerly went down again, and again! 

After we got him all changed up and ready to go home, he passed out in his stroller, and slept the entire ride home. 

We had such a great family day.  I foresee a few more trips to this amusement park this summer :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to the best husband and Daddy in the world!!! 

Lincoln and I love you very much!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

Another awesome week to check off in the books! There was lots of outside playtime, and we even capped off our week at an amusement park, where Lincoln rode his first roller coaster!!!  I'll have a whole separate post about that, but for now, here was our week...

Snacking on yogurt with BFF and trains // Ice cream cake sundae?!  YES PLEASE!! // "Please Mom, no pictures." // Just relaxin' in the car // Colored bubbles and a hilarious t-shirt // Chasing & stomping on those bubbles // Cheesin' with Momma // Little blow up pool he refuses to go in // Imitation dumbo rides // Konked out after a full day of ridin' & swimmin'!!

 Happy weekend!! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

My boy has moves!

Dance  parties are one of Lincoln's new favorite things.  He will grab Jared and me and head into the office/playroom where he turns on the keyboard and busts some moves.  I think my boy has some serious skillz {can't believe I actually just said that}.  See for yourself...

Today we're off to an amusement/water park with some friends for the day.  I hope my little Lincoln enjoys himself!!  Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

My kid is playing me for a fool.

Consider this your warning.  If you don't like posts that involve potty training, or poop for that matter, then you better back the heck out of this post.

Okay.  Now that we got that out of the way, for those of you that decided to stick around, heyyyy!!

So, I wrote about our potty training attempt the other day.  Since then, anytime I bring out the potty Lincoln freaks out.  So, whatever, maybe he's just not ready....even though he was totally getting the concept, maybe it's still too early.  Whatever.  I don't want to rush him, and I don't want him scared or crying or freaking out about the process. 

Fast forward to this week.

My sweet, sweet boy comes up running up to me.  Here's how the convo went:

Lincoln:  "I POOPED!!!"

Me: "You pooped?"

Lincoln: "Where?"

Me:  "Where, Lincoln?"

Lincoln: "Where'd it go?"

Me: {frightened} "Where'd it go?!"

Lincoln: "THERE IT IS!!!" {while pointing to his butt}.

You tell me he's not ready for potty training!  I think my sweet boy is playing his Momma for a fool!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Before baby? Wait. What's that?!

If you were to ask me if my life's changed since becoming Lincoln's Momma, I would say without a doubt.  But if you ask me how it's changed?  I'd have to go back...

Before having Lincoln, it wasn't uncommon for Jared and I go have a WEEKLY night out.  Normally it would consist of dinner, and either a movie or some shopping.  Sometimes we'd have a night in with just ourselves, or have friends over.  Game nights were always one of my favorites. 

Now?  Jared and I are pretty much lucky enough to get out once a month.  And honestly, it's probably more like every other month, or every 3 months.  Sure we go out still, but we just have this adorable little man in tow! We don't like to do things without him too much, which is why he gets to come along :)

Sometimes I'd have a night out with the girls.  Or, just me and my BFF would go out on the town...

This is pretty much non-existent since having Lincoln.  I do sometimes get some free time when I'm at my parents house in RI, but for the most part, Lincoln just comes along.

I would always get some "me" time.  Again, a lot of that time spent shopping.  I had a little ebay business. I'd purchase items to resell them for profit.  It was pretty fun! 

Scrapbooking was a huge hobby of mine.  I made myself the most gorgeous wedding scrapbook from our special day.  I honestly enjoy it more than our professional photo album.  I haven't completed one scrapbook page since having my sweet boy.  However, I do have all the supplies!! 

I've always enjoyed reading, and I still get to indulge in that...however, my magazine choices have changed.  Before Lincoln, I loved fashion magazines.  Magazines like Cosmo, Redbook, Glamour...LOVED THEM.  Now?  I dig Parents, Parenting the Early Years, and Family Fun.  Totally different, but totally okay!  

So, yes.  My life has changed in a lot of ways since becoming a Mommy.  But honestly?  This little life is so much better...

Linking this post up with Growing Up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday!


Monday, June 11, 2012

June Birchbox

It's that time again!  Time to reveal what was in my June Birchbox!  This is my second month receiving Birchbox.  I love surprises. Getting something I normally wouldn't purchase for myself in the mailbox each month is such a treat!  So when I got this months pretty pink box, I couldn't wait to tear it open!  

 And here's what was inside...

From left to right:

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream -- While I was lucky enough to not get stretch marks during my first pregnancy with Lincoln.  Who the heck knows how it will go the second time around.  I'll have to keep this magical cream somewhere safe.

CleanWell Hand Sanitizing Wipes -- This will definitely go in my diaper bag for sure.  They are alcohol free and all natural, which certainly gives them a thumbs up in my book.

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac -- I received this lip and cheek stain in "Beauty Queen," which is a pinkish color.  I don't know if I'd exactly put it on my cheeks, and it was a little sticky on my lips.  The color is cute, though.

Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 -- I am wondering if I received the anti-aging moisturizer because I'm going to be 31 in a couple of short months.  Hmm.  Besides that, this seems like a nice moisturzier.  It has a very nice, light scent too.  While it's definitely not something I'd buy, I am happy to test it out.

BandAid Bandages by Cynthia Rowley -- Umm, designer bandaids??  Sure they're pretty and have some bling and all, but honestly?  Wearing a bandaid would obviously I had some sort of injury, and how the heck is that fun?!  Definitely not something to look forward to.  Pass.

John Varvatos Star USA --  Wait a sec.  This is freaking MENS cologne.  You've gotta be kidding me, Birchbox.  WHY is there a MENS product in MY monthly box for ME?!  I certainly hope you don't make this mistake again.

So overall, this box was just okay.  I was disappointed with the bandaids, and I thought someone played a mean joke on me with the mens cologne. 

I hope Birchbox makes it up to me next month.

So fellow Birchboxers, what was in your box?!  Please share!! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

UPrinting Postcard Giveaway

Who's going to BlogHer '12 with me?!  I'm sure most of you are bringing business cards along with you, but wouldn't it be cool to also have some postcards?  The bigger the better, right?! 

UPrinting is a postcard printing company that allows you to make customized postcards for your special event...and that's not all!  UPrinting is your go to place for all personalized paper products.  From business cards, to invitations, magnets, canvas prints, and so much more! 

Not going to BlogHer?  That's okay, too!  I'm sure everyone has some sort of need for 100 free customized postcards. 

Lucky for you, one of my lucky readers is going to be able to win the following: 
  • 100 pcs Postcards for one winner
  • 5” x 7”, 14pt Cardstock Gloss, No Folding
  • Front Only Printing
  • 2 Business Days Turnaround time
  • Free US shipping only
Sounds good, right?  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

What a week!  I swear we are busy 24/7.   But obviously we must like it that way, because it never seems to change.  So what were we up to this week?

Well, for starters, we started potty training.  It started out VERY well.  And then, not so much.  Lincoln had a huge set back and started to refuse to go on the potty and then freaked out when he peed all over his little chair.  I tried again later, and the same thing happened.  I think we'll re approach it again [hopefully] soon.

Luckily we had some decent weather this week, so lots of playtime outside occurred.  Which of course meant lots of baths :)

We took a little trip to Ikea for some new shelving units for our closets, and Lincoln [of course] made out quite well.  We bought him the cutest table & chairs set, as well as an easel.  Lucky boy :)

Oh, and Lincoln wasn't the only one who made out well this week, the hubs surprised me with my first Alex & Ani bracelet.  It has an "L" charm...for my sweet Lincoln.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Alex & Ani, all of their jewelry is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.  And, they're gorgeous...not to mention they originated in my home state, Rhode Island...woot!

Ice cream madness // Rocket pops and undies // Bath time = Fun time // Riding his trike // Playtime at Ikea //Silliness with Momma // "L" for my little love Lincoln.

A great week, indeed! 

And because I'm attending BlogHer '12 in August, this weekend all ad space is 30% off with code "Momma30"  Click here to take advantage of this deal !!


Friday, June 8, 2012

My 2 year old can swim.

So, last week I posted about this amazing floatation device that allows Lincoln to swim completely independently in the pool.  Well, I almost forgot that I got a clip of his swimming abilities on video!!  I figured you'd all like to see my big [fearless] boy swimming all on his own!  So, here you go :)

Seriously.  Who IS that big kid?!

And don't forget to enter the Origami Owl giveaway!  I love their lockets and charms, and I know you will too! Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

BlogHer '12 - I'm Going!!!

The Momma Diaries BlogHer ’12 Sponsorship Opportunities

You heard that right, folks.  I am attending BlogHer ’12 in the great New York City!!!  You know what’s even more awesome?  It will be my first time EVER In the city, AND the hubs is coming too!!  Can you tell I am excited?!?!  My :::cough::: 31st birthday :::cough::: is August 1st.  We’ll be arriving on the 2nd, so it will be like a pretty sweet birthday present to me! 
Of course I am offering sponsorship opportunities, because really, it’s a bit of an expense.  And because two of us are going, well of course that costs a bit more.  But I have a lot to offer.  See for yourself...
BlogHer '12I am excited to be attending the BlogHer ’12 Conference from August 2-5th in New York, New York.  This conference is the industry leader for women bloggers, and a great opportunity to connect with a large group of influential women.

To help with costs, I am accepting sponsors who would partner with me.  Ideally I am looking or brands that are complimentary to my target audience.  Here are the sponsorship packages I am offering.

Exclusive Sponsorship - $500

As my Exclusive Sponsor, you will be the only brand I will work for the duration of the conference and related activities. These promotional efforts will include:
§  Blog post introducing your company prior to BlogHer. 
§  Wearing YOUR branded apparel (t-shirts/bag) during the conference and select parties.  {to be provided by you}.
§  My husband is also attending BlogHer ’12 with me, so he can ALSO wear your branded apparel.
§  During BlogHer, I will wear 1-2 pins, buttons, or stickers with your logo/brand on the lanyard attached to my conference badge or on the badge itself.
§  Social Media Promotion, including Twitter and Facebook.
§  Twitter Updates including your company handle throughout the conference
§  Facebook Posts tagging and linking to your brand throughout the conference
§  1 FULL YEAR advertising on blog.  [200x200 size]
§  Your logo printed on the back of my business card, to be handed out at BlogHer.
§  Distribution of your promotional materials (in accordance with the BlogHer policies).
§  Your ad banner at the bottom of every blog post for 2 weeks before and after BlogHer.

Platinum Sponsorship - $250

As a Platinum Sponsor, you will enjoy many of the benefits of exclusive sponsorship on a smaller budget. These promotional efforts will include:

§  Blog post promoting your company prior to BlogHer.
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Economy Sponsorship $100
Perfect for those on a budget, with many incentives!

§  Blog post promoting your company prior to BlogHer.
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Of course if you’d like to sponsor me on a smaller budget, you can check out my regular advertising options here.

I am completely open to price negotiations and any other suggestions you might have.  Please contact me so we can get started on your sponsorship right away.  August is just around the corner!!



Monday, June 4, 2012

Origami Owl {Review & Giveaway}

origami owl

Who loves lockets?  Who loves unique, creative, customized jewelry?  If you're like me, you just about squealed at those questions.  From the time I was a little girl, I remember admiring my mom's locket.  Sadly, she ended up losing it, and my brother replaced it when we were a bit older.  We had baby pictures of ourselves placed into the little heart. 

Origami Owl is a custom jewelry company that allows a beautiful piece of jewelry, to tell a story. 
origami owl

Origami Owl was founded by 14 year-old Isabella in the fall of 2010. Driven by a goal to raise enough money to buy a car for her 16th birthday, she started the business with $350 worth of babysitting money and a matched contribution from her parents. She sold her unique line of personalized jewelry at home parties and events and quickly realized that this brand has an energy all its own. People absolutely love creating and wearing personalized jewelry that has meaning and is special to them.
origami owl
I just love the philosophy behind the company, and the story is so very inspirational.  Jennifer, Independent Designer of Origami Owl, offered me the opportunity to review a Living Locket. 

My locket came packaged in this darling little take-out box.  Inside the box was a fortune cookie which held my living locket and charms. 

origami owl

As beautiful as the lockets are on Jennifer's website, they are even more gorgeous in person.  For my charms, I chose an initial "K," a camera, a coffee cup, the word "Love," and a November birthstone little boy, for my sweet Lincoln, of course! Here's how it looks all put together...

origami owl

I just adore it!  I can't wait to fill it up with more charms.  Literally everytime  I wear it, someone compliments me on it and asks where they can get their own! 

Lucky for you, Jennifer is giving one of my readers a $25 gift certificate to Origami Owl

This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway.  You will need to click "read more" to open the widget.  Thank you!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

Yup.  You guessed it.  Another crazy busy week!  The beginning was filled with lots of cookouts and family get togethers.  The middle of the week we had a sickie boy.  He woke up one morning with a nasty cough.  Lincoln doesn't get sick too often, so I was of course concerned.  That night he was up from 3:30am to 6:30am.  I knew we'd be visiting the pediatrician.  Thankfully, he only had a virus that's going around.  He said the cough could last awhile, and told me to give him Benedryl at nighttime to help him sleep.

We did lots and lots of snuggling.  And this Momma read her some 50 Shades of Grey.  I started the third book this week, and I'm not saying anymore.  That will be a whole seperate post on its own!!

The end of the week my boy was back to his happy self, although he still has a cough.  We played outside and spoiled him with a new kitchen! 

OH, and you likey the new blog layout?!?!?!  I did it all by myself, and I LOVE it!!!  Maybe I should open my own little blog design shop ;)

Here's our week.....

Airplane swings // "TA DAAA" // Rock pies // Smut for Momma // Cutest little co-pilot you ever did see // Favorite mug of mine // Blog revamp // Crafty goodness // Morning snuggles // Why I love co-sleeping // Stylin' boy // Chef Lincoln.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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