The Momma Diaries: March 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: My First Blog Header

This was it!  I even made it myself...not too shabby ;)

And YES, my original blog title was "Everyday Adventures of our Life." 

Thought this was a fun idea!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

This will be us at 5pm tonight! 

I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be getting to while I'm away, but I hope to do at least a post or two!  Oh, and a new design is in the works...stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a very low key, relaxing weekend.  We are getting ready for our big trip to visit my Dad in Florida on Tuesday, so lots & lots of packing was involved.  We'll be there for 9 days, so we made a list [& checked it twice!] to make sure we're not forgetting anything.  Because my parents are renting a condo right now, we luckily already have some clothes there.  That certainly makes packing a bit lighter easier. 

We made sure to take Lincoln to the playground this weekend.  We were there for quite some time, actually.  Lincoln had a blast playing with this other little boy, which of course made me think of how awesome it will be to give him a sibling

Besides doing bucket loads of laundry, and straightening our house so it's not a complete catastrophe when we come home from Florida, I did some crafting!!! 

I don't know if I'd exactly describe myself as "crafty."  I can create a pretty bangin' scrapbook.  But as far as sewing...I have a machine, but I can't thread it to save my life.  I inspire to be crafty, however, which is why I attempted my very first yarn wreath! 

Kristin over at Our Growing Garden has been making these yarn wreaths like crazy.  She even opened her own Etsy shop, which I think is just so cool.  So, I suppose you could say she inspired me! 

I hit up Michael's and picked up some supplies.  When I came home, I couldn't wait to get started!

Okay, so this is going to sound a bit crazy, but it took me FOUR FREAKING HOURS to wrap this entire wreath.  This was partly all my fault.  I didn't realize you needed to pull a piece of yarn from the inside to avoid knotting.  Yeah.  I was working with a knotted mess, untangling every two.flippin'.seconds.  BUT, it got done.

 I put it away for the night and decided to work on the flowers the next day.  I went to Pinterest to find tutorials on how to make felt flowers, and I went to town!

Overall, I don't think it came out too bad for my first attempt!  The colors just scream "Spring" to me!

So, that was our weekend.  Playground, packing, cleaning, and crafting!!!  And tomorrow...we're headed to Florida!!! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

Oh, Hey!  This was me almost all week...outside soaking up the sunshine [& rockin' my new shades]! The weather was glorious all.week.long.  And it's a good thing, because I think we're getting rain this weekend [boo!!!]. We spent a lot of time outside, which was a-okay with Lincoln!

We ventured out to Lincoln's favorite playground a couple of times this week.  Yesterday we were there for only about 15 minutes, but it was actually TOO HOT!  You heard me right folks, it was 80 degrees in the middle of March, in Connecticut.  What the heck?!  I'm not complaining one bit about this weather, though! 

Lincoln also spent some time exploring his own yard.  We have almost 3 acres, and my in-laws [who live right next to us], have 40 there's A LOT of exploring for my little man to do! 

We are going to Florida this coming Tuesday for nine whole days.  I cannot wait!!  I'm very excited to see my Dad since having his transplant.  I mentioned the other day that Lincoln is obsessed with airplanes and spaceships.  Well, it just so happened that while shopping at my favorite store in the world Target, I spotted AN AIRPLANE SUITCASE!!! SHUT UP!!!  Obviously you know the outcome of this, because there was no way I was NOT going to buy this for my boy!!  He is very impressed, and now totes it around the house.  I just cannot wait for him to realize we're going to see Grandpa when we get to the airport on Tuesday...he's going to be SO excited!!

Oh, and speaking of spaceships, one of my mommy blogging friends Shannon,  mentioned this song from the Laurie Berkner Band called "Rocketship Run."  How have I not heard of this before?!  Well thank you, Shannon, because my Lincoln LOVES it!  When he first heard her say, "5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF..." he went nuts!  It was pretty awesome :)

There was also time for lots & lots of mommy snuggles this week...and I'm not complaining one bit!

Next week we leave for Florida.  I'm not sure how many scheduled posts I'll get around to, but I'm going to attempt to bang out a few!  I hope you all had a great week, and will have a fun-filled weekend! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few of his favorite things.

Lincoln is a pretty versatile kid.  It's safe to say, there's not much he DOESN'T like.  However, like anyone else, he has certain toys or activities that he prefers.  While this list is forever growing and changing, I thought it would be fun to hear what he's into right now! 

Playing Outside.  My boy could seriously live outside.  Whether he's at the playground, or his own backyard, Lincoln loves the great outdoors.  I'm hoping to get him a playhouse this year.  I just know he'll love it.

 Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.  Lincoln is a typical boy, indeed.  If something has wheels [or wings], he is in his glory.  Investing in his train table was one of our best purchases.   He plays with this every single day.  Right now Lincoln is particularly obsessed with airplanes and spaceships.  I think this is because we've been traveling to Florida so much, and he just loves to fly.  I countdown from 10 with him and we say "blast off!!!"  He then lifts his plane or spaceship into the air and we celebrate.  So fun!

Balls.  What kid doesn't love balls?  We have so many, and Lincoln has just loved them since he could first hold [and throw] them.  We're still working on the catching part, but he already has one heck of an arm!
 Puzzles.  This is a more recent activity Lincoln enjoys.  All of a sudden it's like something clicked inside his little brain that told him how to do a puzzle, and he just loves them!  He is finally realizing that he needs to look at the piece before trying to put it in.  You see, my boy is VERY strong-willed.  While I might try to show him how to do something the correct way, he doesn't ever like to hear it.  He used to get very frustrated with puzzles, simply because he was trying to rush through them.  Now, he'll actually be excited when I bring out the puzzles.  And he is SO proud of himself when he completes it! 

Water.  From baths, to his water table, to the dog's water dish, Lincoln loves splashing around. 

So there you have it.  My sweet boy is into many, many things.  What sort of things do your children enjoy?

I'm linking up this post with Growing Up Geeky & Toddle Along Tuesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Great Baby #2 Debate

For starters, "No, I am not pregnant."  However, I'd be lying if I said the thought of baby #2 hasn't been on my mind lately. 

You see, originally our so-called plan was to space our children two years apart.  Umm, that would mean we would already have two kids considering Lincoln is 2 years and almost 4 months old.  That plan obviously went out the window.  When it was time to make those decisions, I wasn't ready.   

I wasn't ready because I was having a huge struggle with my panic disorder.  There was no way I could even consider taking on a pregnancy with that high of an anxiety level.  I wasn't ready because my Dad was waiting for a liver transplant, and that was putting a lot of stress on me.  The thought of being pregnant and having to go through that emotional roller coaster scared me.  The unknowing scared me.  I didn't know when or even if my father would ever get his transplant.  Thankfully, that has at least finally happened.

And to be completely honest with you, I wasn't ready because I didn't want to give up that precious one on one time with my first baby, my sweet boy Lincoln.  Let's face it.  Baby #2 will never get the attention I was able to give to Lincoln.  Sure I will love him or her just as much, but it will be different.  So I figured, why rush it?

Jared and I made a new plan.  We decided to wait until things in our lives [hopefully] settled down a bit.  And in the meantime, we'd soak up this precious time with our boy. 

Currently, we're thinking to start TTC at some point this summer.  That would make Lincoln around 3 1/2 or so by the time baby #2 makes its arrival. 

We've always known we wanted more than one child.  I have a younger brother and I cannot imagine my life without him.  I really hope for Lincoln to have that sort of relationship and strong bond with his sibling. 

If we wait for "the perfect time," essentially we'll be waiting forever.  We are going to have to take the plunge eventually.  And while the unknown might be scary, it will be worth it.  Everything will just fall into place.

So, I'm starting to get a bit excited about this new adventure we'll be embarking upon in a few short months.  And.........

I bought baby #2's nursery bedding already.

Freakin' adorable, right?!  And it's totally gender neutral, so whether we have another sweet boy again, or a little girl, it will work!  I even picked this set up on clearance at Target...holla!!!  I think it was meant to be...I mean, especially considering my obsession with giraffes, and recently all things yellow & grey!  They also had these cutie giraffe crib sheets, so I picked up a package [or two] of those as well.

So there you have it, folks.  Our tentative plan for baby #2.  Wowzers.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

Okay, so obviously we've had one heck of a hectic week.  My Dad had his liver transplant for starters...woot!!! But on top of that, we had a pretty busy week with Lincoln!

We had some beautiful weather this week.  Almost everyday was in the 60's.  Monday, we took Lincoln to his favorite playground and then hit up Barnes & Noble.  Lincoln LOVES the children's section there.  Even though he has a train table at home, he doesn't mind playing with this one either!

They recently expanded their children's section, and they now have a Lego table!  What?!?!  Lincoln was pretty psyched, but if I'm going to be honest, I think Jared was even more excited.  I love how they're doing the exact same thing in this picture.

Tuesday we had Lincoln's first speech therapy session.  It went really well.  She gave us some great exercises to work on with him, and he was very cooperative for her!  HOWEVER, the night before his appointment, my sweet little night owl didn't go to bed until 12:30am!!!!  AND, his appointment was at 9am the next morning.  I thought he was going to be absolutely MISERABLE in the morning!  Thankfully, he was pleasant as can be, but I was pretty tired.  After the speech therapist left our house, Lincoln & I had a cuddle session on the couch.

You would have thought he would have gladly taken a nap because he was up so early and went to bed so late the night before...HOWEVER, my little Lincoln had other plans in mind.  Yeah.  No nap.  At all.  But THIS did happen at 7:30pm...

And he miraculously slept until 9:30 the next morning!  He did wake up at 12:45am when I got the phone call about my Dad's transplant.  However, he just asked for a cup of milk and then went back to bed. 

Wednesday, as you all know, my Dad had his transplant.  Thursday was kind of low key.  I was so drained from the day before, so we just stayed home.

Friday we met up with Lincoln's cousin and went to a nearby children's museum.  I love this photo.  It looks like my boy is a sports analyst!  Oh, and don't forget to watch him on ESPN tonight ;)

At the museum they had this exhibit where you could go inside a bubble.  All it seemed to be was a hula hoop dipped into dish soap.  I wasn't sure if Lincoln would go inside, but he did...

And, he was pretty much obsessed with it!  He wanted to do it again & again!

Today is St. Patty's Day!  I'm not Irish, but my sweet boy is!  My mom bought us matching Kermit the Frog tees.  So you know we're wearing them today :)

So that was our week!  Busy and actually quite eventful!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend festivities!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today, I have something to be VERY thankful for.  I am happy to report that my Dad's liver transplant went absolutely perfect. 

It was a long 24 hours, from the time we got the call, until the time the surgery was complete, but we are so very, very thankful. 

He'll be in ICU for a couple of days, and he's still very sedated, but my Dad is going to be okay!  It's been a long journey, but everything is going to work out. 

I am thankful for my Dad's donor.  Had this person not chosen to be an organ donor, my Dad might have never received his liver.  Although yes, it did take a tragedy to make a miracle.  I am thankful. 

I feel very, very blessed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Real Deal

If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile now, you know my Dad is waiting for a liver transplantLast October, we got what we thought was "the call."  However, there ended up being something wrong with the donated liver, so the surgery didn't happen.  So now, we've just been waiting for the call.  The real call.  The call that is essentially going to save my Dad's life.

Last night at 12:45am my phone rang.  I knew.  I looked at my caller ID and saw "Dad."  I answered, "you got the call?!?!" 

Tonight at about 5:00pm, my father will have his liver transplant.  The moment we've been waiting, for 9 years, has finally come. 

I'm all sorts of mixed emotions.  I'm happy.  Essentially without this operation, my Dad will die from this awful disease.  This surgery gives him the chance at a new life.  The life he's been living these 9 years, has been very trying.  He's been very sick sometimes, very tired, and not "My Dad." 

This surgery gives Lincoln his Grandpa.  Not the Grandpa he's known since he was first born, but the Grandpa I had as a Dad growing up.  The Grandpa that can teach him how to play ball.  The Grandpa that can get down on the floor and play with him.  The Grandpa that can pick him up and swing him around!

And of course I'm terrified. 

This is a big surgery.  But, as big as it is, I'm remaining positive.  This will give me my Dad back!!  And for that, I am so very thankful.

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This Photo

And go......

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mr. Picky Pants

It was so easy when Lincoln was an infant and first starting pureed food.  He would gobble down anything I gave him.  I made all of Lincoln's baby food, and made tons of different combinations.  All of which he loved.  I thought I'd have a great eater for life! 

Boy was I wrong!

You see, I didn't realize that Lincoln would someday enter toddlerhood and be full fledged of toddlerness.  I didn't realize my boy who once would devour all his veggies, would make the "eww face" and push them off his plate [or onto the floor]. 

So, what's a Momma to do when her child asks to have cookies and candy for every meal?

She gets sneaky, that's what!  I have most definitely been known to hide a lot of yummy goodness into whatever Lincoln is eating. 

Spaghetti sauce is an easy one.  You can easily puree veggies into the sauce.  And luckily, pasta is one of Lincoln's favorite foods!

I don't know why I have never thought of this one before, but one of my Mommy friends suggested adding pumpkin, applesauce, or even butternut squash into pancakes.  Umm Genius!  My boy can devour a plateful of pancakes.  What an awesome way to sneak some veggies in! 

And lastly, SMOOTHIES!!!!  This is my favorite method.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with smoothies!  I blend up a mix of frozen fruit, bananas, yogurt, those organic fruit & veggie pouches, and milk.  Voila!!!!  Lincoln LOVES smoothies.  And now that he's a little bit older, he even helps me make them!

What are some of your tips and tricks to sneak veggies into your little ones diet? Or, are you blessed to have a not so picky eater?  :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Lincoln Days"

Every so often we have what we call a "Lincoln Day."  To pretty much sum it up, we spend the entire , or a good portion of our day spoiling our sweet boy!  And yes, these days happen quite often :)

One day last week we had some pretty phenomenal weather.  Jared and I decided to take our boy to the playground.  We decided to go the the very same playground we first went to last year.  To say Lincoln was happy, would be an understatement.  There is no question that he remembered where we were.  He started to clap the moment we walked through the gates. 

Lincoln headed to the slide right away.  It seemed much smaller than the last time he was on it.

He even surprised us and went into this little rocker thing they have there.  Last year he would scream if you put him into it.  However, THIS YEAR he can get into it all by himself.  He was very proud.

We spent about an hour there, and then we walked over to Ben & Jerry's to treat our little man to some ice cream.  We had a very fun "Lincoln Day."  :)

I think we'll be making a few playground stops this week, as well.  It's looking like we're in for some pretty gorgeous weather this week! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh, hello everyone!!  What a fantastic, yet crazy busy fun weekend we had!  Jared had hockey games all weekend in Rhode Island, which worked out for me!  Lincoln and I got to spend some time with my Mom and brother.  We arrived late Friday afternoon. 

Saturday was soooo fun.  I went to have my tarot cards read with my mom, aunts, and cousin.  It was a complete girls morning/afternoon, and such a good time.  Our first appointment was at 10am, and we ended up being 30 minutes late.  Awesome.  Somehow, we went to the wrong house.  Luckily they didn't answer their door because they probably would have thought they were being invaded, seeing as there were 6 of us, armed with our coffees!!

While I was a bit disappointed with my reading, it was still fun.  It's not like I had high expectations or anything, I just felt that the reader was asking ME way too many questions.  She was grasping at straws as far as I was concerned.  BUT, on the flip side, one of my aunts did have a pretty ridiculously freaky accurate reading, so who knows! 

After our readings, we hit up some yummy lunch.  I had a burger that was just delish.  Sometimes, there really is nothing like a fabulous, juicy burger!  Mmmmmm!!!  Yeah.  I could never be a vegetarian! 

Our sweet pup, Evy always comes with us when we go to my Mom's.  Look how tiny she looks next to my dog, Lacey.  She's a shepherd/akita mix, and she's just beautiful!

We just got home a little while ago, and I'm quite exhausted.  Between the 2 1/2 hour drive back home, and daylight savings time, I'm ready to call it a night!  HOWEVER, my little night owl is still bouncing off the walls...

He's lucky he's so cute :) 

Hope everyone had a fun-filled family weekend!  Oh, and have you seen the forecast for this week?!?!  I'm not sure how it's going to be where you are, but we're talking mid 60's here!!!  Outside, here we come!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday | Easter Outfit

I'm ahead of the game this year.  I already have Lincoln's ridiculously adorable little man Easter outfit, courtesy of Old Navy.  Now, to find him an adorable hat to match...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Old Woman in the Booth

The other night our little family of three went out for dinner.  We chose to go to Friendly's.  While they might not have the best meal you can eat, we were thinking about the ice cream we could have afterwards :)

We cozily settled into a booth.  Although we asked for a highchair, Lincoln sat next to me for a little while, and then crawled underneath the table to spend the other half of his meal with Daddy. 

While we were happily enjoying our family time, I couldn't help but notice the old woman in the booth across from us.  She was all by herself, eating her dinner.  

Whenever I see someone eating alone, especially an older person for that matter, it tugs at my heart.  I  noticed she was wearing her wedding rings.  I couldn't help but wonder what led her to eating her dinner in a big booth, all alone.  Clearly she was married.  Had her husband passed away?  Was he suffering from a long term illness, & she decided to catch a quick dinner on her way home from visiting him?  Where were her children?  Did they move out of state once they got  married, and moved on with their own lives?  Did she even have any children?  Grandchildren?

Then I tried to brush it all off by telling myself that she just wanted a nice relaxing peaceful meal by herself, because everyone else was driving her crazy :)

But, I still couldn't help but wonder all the missing pieces that led her to that booth.  She was  most certainly a regular at the restaurant.  The waitress knew her name and chatted with her.  A few of the cooks came out to say hello.  And, the manager even acknowledged her presence. 

As much as I was trying to enjoy the quality time with my husband and son, I spent most of my meal thinking about this woman. 

As we were leaving, she turned and looked at me and said, "your son is so adorable!"  I smiled and said, "thank you."  I asked Lincoln to say "bubbye", and he did....he even blew her a kiss.  My boy is a charmer.  She laughed.  I said, "have a goodnight," and we went our way. 

Whatever brought that woman to that big booth on that night, I just hope she has someone close by.  Whether it be her husband, children, grandchildren, a friend, just someone.  No one should be old and alone. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Magical Moments in Parenting

Do you read the blog, Momastery?  If not, you should.  I had not heard of it until a couple of months ago, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.  In appearance, her blog seems so simple.  But her writing is unbelievable. 

The other day I was reading her post, "Don't Carpe Diem."  You may think it sounds funny that she's telling you to NOT seize the day.  I know I did.   Then, I read what she had to say, and I found myself shaking my head, "YES," right along with her. 

While I certainly try to enjoy each and every moment of parenthood, there are times that I'm absolutely not "Carpe Dieming."  Do I Carpe Diem when Lincoln has an explosive poopy diaper?  How about when he's just plain ol' miserable for really no apparent reason other than to be miserable?  Or what about when I thought he broke his arm and we had to take a trip to the ER?  Did I enjoy those moments?  Let me ask you this question.  Who the heck WOULD enjoy those moments?  If you think for a split second that I was "Carpe Dieming" right along, well then, you have got to be out of your mind.

Momastery introduced me to Kairos time.   She best describes it as, "those magical moments in which time stands still."  Now, Kairos time?  Now THAT is what it's all about. 

I can be having a really difficult day with Lincoln, where I'm counting the seconds for my husband to walk through the door.  Then, out of nowhere, he'll run and leap into my arms, wrap his arms around my neck while he rests his head on my shoulder, and give me the most enormous hug.  That moment my friends, is Kairos. 

Or when I look at Lincoln and he gives me that little smirk of his. That adorable, mischievous smirk.  And I look at his eyes, and see how much he looks like his Daddy in that very moment.  That moment, is filled with Kairos.

Sometimes when I put Lincoln down for his nap, I'll tuck him in, give him a kiss, & tell him I love him.  He'll pull the blankets back down, tap the bed, and grab my hand pulling me to lay down with him.  He just wants some snuggles with his Momma.  And do I do it?  You bet.  If even for just a little while, until he falls asleep.  Or sometimes, I'll nap with him.  These moments won't last forever.  I need to soak them all up while I can.

As you all know, we co-sleep with Lincoln.  Some nights are plain ol' torturous.  He'll be fighting me left and right.  Then, out of nowhere, he'll sit up, cup my cheeks with his tiny hands, and give me a kiss.  At that very moment, Kairos completely takes over.  It makes all frustrations suddenly disappear, and lets time stand still so I can bottle up that moment, and tuck it away into my heart.

I remember when Lincoln was just an itty bitty tiny babe. Every night I would go into his nursery, turn on his lullaby CD, give him his bottle, and rock him to sleep.  It was our very special time.  I remember thinking to myself, this time would be short lived.  All too soon I would miss rocking this little boy, watching his little eyes flutter and drift off into a peaceful slumber. I held on tight to those moments, and never took them for granted.  Kairos.  Beautiful, Kairos.

So, don't feel like you're doing something wrong if you're not "Carpe Dieming" every single second of your life.  If you have those magical moments of Kairos, that's all that really matters.  Those little moments.  Those perfect, beautiful, magical moments.  That's what life is all about.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eleven Things

The super awesome Libby, over at Elf a Family Blog tagged me in the "Eleven Things" survey that seems to be floating around the blogosphere.  The idea is to tell 11 random things about yourself, then answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you, and then create 11 questions of your own for the people you tag to answer.  Here are the "official" rules ;) 

1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.

Sounds easy peasy, right?  Okay.  Here we go.

Here are 11 random things about myself:

1.  I used to model.  You know, like smile & get paid for it.  It was super fun, and easy good money. 

2.  Lately I've been thinking about homeschooling our children.  I don't think we'll actually go that route, but I like the idea of it.  I don't know how I feel about the public school systems.  I know socialization is a crucial part of a child's development, but I find myself thinking about how homeschooling exactly works, and if I could be cut out for it. 

3.  I want my own business.  I'd love to have an etsy shop or something.   I just need to find my creative niche. 

4.  Speaking of niche, my first dog was named "Nitch."  And yes, I named him.  I was 2 years old when my parents got him for me.  Apparently I used to call a drink a "nitch."  I could say milk, juice, water, you name it, but I just liked that word I guess.  My parents decided to name our puppy, "Nitch."  I guess it worked, because my Mom tells me I never called a drink a "nitch" again!

5.  While I am thrilled about trying to conceive baby #2 and going through another pregnancy, I'm also terrified at the same time.  I LOVE having this special time with just us and Lincoln.  I worry about how things will change.  I do know that we absolutely want another baby.  My brother and I have such a great relationship, and I want Lincoln to have that sibling bond.

6.  Speaking of more babies.  No.  We're not currently trying.  Lincoln is in my aunts wedding in October, and I don't want to be ridiculously pregnant.  I'm thinking sometime this summer we'll jump on the TTC train.

7.  I'm beginning to wonder if my Dad will EVER get his liver transplant.  He's been there since last July.  At that time, the estimated wait time was 3 weeks to 3 months.  Umm, we're WAY past that time.  I know it's not exactly something you can predict, but it's just so frustrating. 

8.  I wish we could move back to Rhode Island [where I'm from].  We're only 2 1/2 hours away, but I miss being so close to my family and friends.  Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that will ever happen.  Jared has a very good, very stable job here, and we built our house.  Lots & lots of visits will have to do.

9.  I want to go to a blog conference.  I just don't know how I'd ever find the time to go!  Right now my life is just so insanely busy.

10.  Speaking of conferences.  My mom and I are thinking about attending the Osteogenesis Imperfecta conference in DC this July.  It's something we have both always wanted to do.  I think it would be so informative, and I'd love to meet others who have OI.

11.  We plan on transitioning Lincoln into his own room sometime soon.  I'm probably the one who's procrastinating.  I love co-sleeping with my snuggle bug!

And, here are the 11 questions from Libby:
1. What's the strangest thing you've ever eat for breakfast?  I love breakfast foods, so I'm not sure if I really ever have had something strange.  My husband can eat last nights leftover Mexican food for breakfast, not me.  I supposed I'd have to say bananas on toast.  I don't find this strange, but my husband does. 

2. What was the first blog you ever followed?  I think the first blog I ever follow religiously was As the Foreste Grows

3. Who's on your laminated card? Awesome Question.  Let's see.  Channing Tatum, Dominic Purcell, & Steve Burton. Yummmmm!!!
4. Describe your most embarrassing moment.  Gosh this is so hard.  Possibly the time in college where my BFF and I were drinking coffee in the cafeteria.  I took my vitamin with my coffee and choked.  It ended up coming out my nose!  So gross!

5. What song do you just have to stop and jam out to when it comes on?  Toss up between "Don't Stop Believin" and "Sweet Caroline."

6. First name of your first crush AND have you facebook stalked him?  Okay, so I liked boys really young.  I had my first little boyfriend in the second grade, so I'm not going to count him.  So let's move onto when I was 14/15ish years old and go with Scott & Nelson, the brothers.  Yes.  They are brothers, and I crushed on them both at the same time, and I'll leave it at that.  And they are actually both my "friends" on facebook.

7. If you could vacation anywhere, no expense spared, where would it be?  I really have no desire to travel overseas.  If you asked me this question before I had Lincoln I probably would have said Italy.  Now?  I'm going with California.  There's so much I'd like to see there.  I think I'd like to go for a month just to see everything.

8. What is your favorite quote?  I'm a quote girl.  I love 'em.  Right now my favorite is, "No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you.  After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."  

9. What do you order when you order a pizza?  My favorite is cheese & mushrooms, but not big mushrooms, I like them chopped finely :)

10. How old were you when you had your first "real" boyfriend?  17.  His name was Rich.  And yep, we're friends on FB.

11. What piece of advice would you give your son/daughter if you could only tell them one thing?  Be yourself.  Don't worry what others think.  Just be true to you :)

My 11 questions for those I'm tagging:

1.  Do you have a nickname?  If so, what is it?

2.  Name one thing on your bucket list.

3.  What's your 10 year plan?

4.  How many children do you want to have?

5.  If you won a million dollars to donate to charity, which charity would you choose and why?

6.  What's your guilty pleasure?

7.  Flowers or chocolates?

8.  Who's your celebrity crush?

9.  If you could have any job in the world, regardless of pay and education, what would you do?

10.  What movie could you watch over and over again?

11.  What feature do you like most about yourself?

Well, that sure was fun!  Thanks Libby!!  And now for the people I tag... Lori, Elizabeth, Jenn,  Melaina,  Jenny, Liz, Meghan, Mama Fee, & Censie.  Have fun, ladies!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Dumperoo!

We had such an INSANELY busy week!  We were so busy, that half the time I didn't even know what day of the week it was!  As you all know, Monday we had Lincoln's Early Intervention evaluation, and we got great results from that.   Hopefully next week we'll be setting up some sort of schedule for his speech therapy.  Here's what else happened this week...

  • Tuesday we wanted to have a special day with our boy.  Jared and I headed out with him for the day to a nearby children's museum.  It was our first time there, and we were SO impressed!  It was huge.  Lincoln seriously could have spent the entire day in just one room.  He was amazed at absolutely everything.  We didn't even have time to do the entire museum.  Next time we go, I think we'll pack a lunch, because although we were there for THREE HOURS, we absolutely could have used more time!  I think we're also going to look into getting a family membership.  Supposedly you can visit all of the children's museums with the membership, so we plan on checking that out! 
          Here's our sweet boy enjoying a few of the exhibits at  the museum.

  • I called Lincoln's pediatrician first of all to get a referral for a hearing test, and secondly to talk about his poop issue.  I explained what was going on, and everything I was doing to attempt to help him out.  He gave me the go ahead to give him one full cap full of miralax each morning.  He said to do this to basically "clean him out."  He said then I could reduce it to half a cap full like I was previously doing.  He also suggested starting him on children's fiber gummy vitamins, as well as maintaining a high fiber diet.  Well, I've been doing as he suggested, and so far, so good! 

  • We live in New England.  We're used to snowy, cold, miserable winters.  However, this winter?  This winter has been paradise!  We have had not one snow storm.  We had one very early in the season around Halloween, but nothing during the winter months.  However, this past Wednesday we got our snow.  Where we live we probably got around 6 inches or so.  And yes, we were out in this wintry mess.  I had an appointment, and then we had some errands to run.
  • Now, I have a question for you all.  Who runs into their OBGYN at Target?  Oh wait.  That would be ME!  Yeah.  Awkward.  Did I tell you that my OB is freaking hot?  Yeah.  That, too.  Anyways, it was very random.  I saw him in the checkout line.  He immediately recognized me.  It took me a second to realize exactly who he was...he was without his white coat, so it took me a minute.  He took one look at Lincoln and said, "looks like it's time for #2!"  So I told him our plans.  He told me to start taking my the middle of Target.  Did I mention he's hot?!

  • Tonight we're going to Jared's cousins house for some yummy Chinese food, and so Lincoln can play with his cousins.  I cannot wait!  The place we order from has this amazing stuff called "Firecracker Chicken."  I'm drooling just thinking about it! 
Hope you all had a great week, and that your weekend is stupendous!!  Oh, and my OB is freaking hot.  Yeah.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lincoln's Early Intervention Evaluation

The other day I posted that Lincoln was going to be evaluated for the Early Intervention Program.  I know a lot of you were eager to know how it went, so here's a recap.

Most of you know my sweet boy is a little night owl.  Lincoln normally goes to bed for the night anywhere between 10 & 11pm.  He's normally great about sleeping in, and usually wakes up between 8 & 9am.  HOWEVER, the day of his evaluation, he decide to wake up at 6:45am.  I was a little nervous that our eval was going to be a complete bust because of a tired, cranky baby. 

Two evaluators arrived at our home at 11:30am.  Lincoln was happily doing a puzzle when they came in, & I'd be lying if I didn't think my husband purposely planned that out, because I also spotted a deck of flashcards on our counter. 

While I was a nervous wreck before they arrived, I quickly felt at ease once I met the two women.  They were nice, warm, and comforting.  Lincoln ran up to one of them immediately and gave her a hug. 

We all seated at our kitchen table where Lincoln, Jared, and one of the evaluators [who happened to be a speech therapist], continued to do his puzzles.  She also brought along some of her own toys and interacted with him.  I was answering a gazillion questions from the other evaluator. 

For early intervention, they test your child in 5 developemental areas.  Typically to get into the program, your child needs to score on the lower end in TWO areas. 

Lincoln passed everything with flying colors.  Everything except for the speech part of the test. 

So, now what? 

Well, I had two awesome evaluators, that's what.  They both agreed that Lincoln could really benefit from the program.  So, they played around with their numbers, and made it work.  Lincoln got in! 

Next week we fill out some more paperwork, and it was also recommended that Lincoln have a hearing test, which is a standard procedure when receiving speech therapy.  Then, he'll begin!  And, did I tell you they come to our home every time?!  Because that is just amazing in itself! 

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement, and for thinking of my sweet boy.  I hope I have a little chatterbox in no time :)

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