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Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - Readers Choice

I'm following up with yesterday's post, however, today is all about you!  Based on page views & comments, here are your favorite 12 posts of 2012!!! [in no particular order]

12.  Playroom Inspiration.  What is your dream playroom?  Here I show you a few photos of mine!

11.  Educational Learning Tablets for Toddlers.  For the record, we went with the mobigo, and he STILL prefers my iPhone!

10.  The Great Baby #2 Debate.  When's the right time? 

9.   Florida Recap [Disney World].  A recap of the happiest place on earth :)

8.   Fifty Shades of....OHHH MY!!!  50 Shades of Grey.  My take on this phenomenon.

7.  Unleashing my Inner "Mama Bear."  If you're a Momma, it's bound to happen.  Read about my experience.

6.  BlogHer'12 Recap.  Come read about my very first blogging convention!!

5.  The Curse of the BlogHer12 Vibrators.  Want a good laugh?  Read on.

4.  MY DAD IS HOME!!!  Such a crazy year my family had with my Dad's liver transplant, but he's finally healthy, and home. 

3.  Fall Crafts via Pinterest.  My favorite crafting ideas!!

2.  Favorite Toddler Toys.  A compilation of Lincoln's top 10 toys!

1.  Be Prepared for the Worst and Hope for the Best.  Although this is about my recent miscarriage, I will agree with you, it is also a great post.

There you have it!  Your favorite posts from 2012.  I hope you enjoyed re-reading through these posts, as much as I did!

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