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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa?!? I Know Him!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we took Lincoln to see Santa.  We've been trying to get him excited about Santa, and pointing him out whenever we see him on TV, or in books.  His cousin, Cayden came along too. 
The boys are exactly one month apart, and they're seriously best friends.  It's so great to watch them grow up together.  They love each other so very much.
While we waited our turn to visit with Santa, they had this awesome little set up that actually involved snow!  Well, fake snow, anyways, but the boys didn't seem to care :)

Cayden was a little unsure of Santa, so Lincoln went first.  Because Lincoln's been to Disney World many times this year, I figured he would be okay. 
And?  I was correct!

toddler boy and santa

Although I am very happy with how the picture turned out, and I think Santa looks great, real beard and all, I was really disappointed in Santa.  He didn't say two words!  No "Merry Christmas."  No "Ho Ho Ho."  Nothing. 

Because of our unfriendly Santa, Cayden was still a little unsure about sitting on this jolly old man's lap.  Can't say as I'd blame him! 

We asked Lincoln if he'd sit with his buddy, and he happily did.  I love how this photo turned out.

Afterwards, we walked around the mall a bit with the boys and went out for lunch...which is always fun with two 3 year olds!
Did I mention how much these boys love each other? 

Did you take your kids to see Santa this year?  I hope he was friendlier than ours!!


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