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Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding Week in Florida Recap

As promised, here is my very lengthy recap of my aunts wedding week in Florida.  While it certainly was a crazy 8 days, we sure did have a good time!  Lincoln was beyond excited once he realized we were going on an airplane again.  He is quite the little traveler.  He insists on pulling his luggage throughout the airport, and loves his window seat.  HOWEVER.  He will only open the window enough for HIM to see outside of it.  Little stinker.  We traveled with 12 people.  Craziness.

traveling with toddler

We visited Sea World and Lego Land during our visit, but those will be separate posts :)

We ate out.  A lot.  In fact, I'm really surprised I didn't gain 10 pounds that week. 

One particular night during dinner, there was a person making balloon animals.  Lincoln is obsessed with balloons, so he was very impressed.  He adored his little monkey balloon. 

We made a trip back to Hollywood Studios, because it's Lincoln's favorite park at Disney World.  Lincoln was reacquainted with his BFF Jake, and even got to meet new friends Mike and Sully, from Monsters Inc! He was especially excited to see McQueen up close and in person.  He actually hugged the car!!

jake and the neverland pirates, mcqueen, monsters inc.

The day before the wedding was a "girls day," filled with shopping and getting our nails done.  We also had Lincoln with us, and he wanted his nails "pretty" too, so he received a top coat of clear polish.   Later on was the rehearsal dinner, where my sweet boy sported the cutest little ring bearer jersey ever!

The day of the wedding was hectic with a bunch of fun mixed in.  Lincoln wanted nothing to do with walking down the aisle.  It was a bit overwhelming for him.  He did however walk in to be introduced!  He looked SO HANDSOME in his little tuxedo. 

After dinner was served [which he did not eat one single bite], he curled up on my lap, and fell asleep.  My sweet boy was sooooo tired.

He only slept for about 30 minutes, and then woke up to become the life of the party.  My boy owned the dance floor!! 

And?  No one could dance with his Momma.  Except for him.  :)

orlando florida, ring bearer

Right before the wedding was over, my aunt and her husband had us all go outside to "see them off."  Little did we know that they were going to LITERALLY take the plunge, and JUMP INTO THE POOL with their wedding attire on!  CRAZY!!!!


I really really hope the photographer got some great shots of Lincoln, because silly me, forgot my camera at home!  My iphone really couldn't do justice with the horrible indoor lighting. 

The next day, the bride and groom headed off on their honeymoon, and the rest of us visited Universal Studios.  I haven't been there since I was 11 years old, so I was really excited. 

toddler boy

Lincoln met many characters, and he is quite the ladies man, if I do say so myself!


There were also a lot of old cars, that Lincoln loved to pose with.

old fashioned cars

Also during our trip, a few of us went out one night to a comedy show to see Rob Schneider.  He was freaking hysterical! 

So.  All in all?  Our trip kicked butt!  Sure there were times where I wanted to pull my hair out.  Seriously.  But, many fun memories were made for my sweet boy.  Seeing the magic in his eyes as he sees something new for the first time, brings me such happiness. 

buzz lightyear

This was our 8th trip to Orlando since August 2011.  My Dad is no longer living there, so I'm not sure when we will be back.  While I'm sure Lincoln will miss his frequent plane trips, I'm so thankful that this past year is behind us, and my Dad made it through his transplant.  There are so many good things to look forward to.  So many new memories to build and share with my sweet Lincoln.  So much happiness in my life.  I am so thankful we got to have this celebration to top off this past year. 

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