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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sea World Orlando - Review

Sea World has always been one of my favorite parks, when visiting the Orlando area.  My first time visiting, Sea World, I was just 6 years old.  However, I clearly remember how in awe I was, at just about everything.  There was so much to see.  All the animals, and attractions.  It was unbelievable. 
Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate enough to visit Sea World a few more times.  Each time, I fell even more in love with the park, than the last. 
When I became a Mom, I knew I wanted to share my love for Sea World with Lincoln.  I wanted to experience it through his eyes.  To see his excitement and astonishment, for seeing things for the first time. 
Two weeks ago, while we were visiting Florida for my aunts wedding, we visited Sea World.
With Lincoln being [almost] three years old, I just knew he would have a blast. 

Even if you've never visited Sea World before, more than likely you've heard about their famous "Shamu Show."  The show features killer whales, and it never disappoints.  It is hands down my favorite show at the park.  Lincoln agrees as well.  He was cheering the entire time!

one ocean

After we saw Shamu's show, One Ocean, we visited the Beluga whales.  They had a nice underwater viewing area, where Lincoln could get a great view.  He kept exclaiming, "Mom Mom, Whale!!!"

beluga whales

Another of my favorites, is having the opportunity to actually interact and feed the dolphins.  I adore dolphins.  They seem like such gentle creatures.  Lincoln was fearless, was so happy to feed and pet them.  I just wish the time with them wasn't so limited...although I understand they just need to make room for the next batch of people!

dolphin feeding

After we played with the dolphins for a bit, we ventured to the underwater viewing area.  Have you ever seen four dolphins swimming together?  It's so beautiful. 


Next we headed to one of Jared's favorites in Sea World, the Shark Encounter!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome this experience is.  Here, you are in an underwater viewing tunnel.  There is literally water surrounding you.  And?  Sharks!!! 

Seriously.  You're surrounded by sharks, and it's freaking awesome!  Even though this photo is dark and a bit blurry, I still think it's so cool because there was a huge shark above us!

shark encounter

Shamu's Happy Harbor, is an area in Sea World specifically designed for little ones.  We spent a great amount of time there with Lincoln.  He hopped on a few rides, his favorite being the "choo choo" [of course].  And, we played a few games.  They have several games in which you are guarenteed to win a prize, which I think is a great feature. 

We had a great, fun-filled day at Sea World, making many new memories with our little family.  If you're in the Orlando area, I would certainly recommend you check them out.  You and your little ones will have a blast!

A very special thank you to the wonderful people at Sea World Orlando, for providing our admission tickets free of charge.  All opinions expressed are of my own.


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