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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do it for our children.

I try to steer clear of politics.  Especially on my blog.  I know how controversial things can get.  That being said.  I think this election is too important to not say something about it.  This election shapes our country, for not just ourselves, but for our children. 

There are issues being discussed, that in my opinion, should not even be in issue.  We're talking women's rights.  We're talking equality.  Why is this even necessary at this day in age???

I don't understand why government thinks it's okay to say what I can do with my body.  There are so many factors they are not considering.  Why is this okay?  What if your daughter was raped, and it resulted in pregnancy?  Would you seriously force her to carry that pregnancy to term?  You may think, "well it will never happen to me, so it doesn't matter." But it does.  It effects all of us.  Women and men. 

My next issue is the controversial topic of homosexuals being allowed to marry.  Why is this an issue people??  Why does it matter to you, and how does it personally effect you, if two people who love each other get married?  Again.  What if it was your child??

How do we want our children to view the world, and everyone in it?  Don't we want all of our children to be equal?  This is the bottom line.  Equality.  Everyone has equal rights. Everyone

And please don't preach your religious beliefs, because there should be a huge line between church and state.  It should not be related one bit. 

So today, go vote.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for your children.  Do it for your future grandchildren.  Your vote is your voice.  It matters.


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