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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - Fall 2012

Remember that Fall Bucket List I created a few weeks back?  Well, we got to mark one off our list!  Recently, we visited a local pumpkin patch!!

I have not visited a pumpkin patch since I WAS A KID.  So, it was obviously way overdue. 

Lincoln is at such a fun age right now, that I just knew he would absolutely love it. 

It was a brisk, fall day, which I think made our time even more enjoyable.  It actually felt like fall!  Lincoln could barely control his excitement as we boarded the tractor for the hayride. 

fall 2012

We took a five minute ride in the tractor to get to the pumpkin patch.  Once we arrived, I couldn't believe how many pumpkins there actually were!  I mean, it sounds silly, because we were at a pumpkin patch, but, there were just SO many!!

Jared hopped out of the hayride with Lincoln, and the two of them went on the hunt to find the perfect pumpkin.  I stayed on the tractor to take some photos of my boys :)

pumpkin patch

Lincoln found his TWO perfect pumpkins.  An itty bitty tiny one, and a little gourd!! It really made me laugh that he loved the small pumpkins so much, because I clearly remember my brother being the exact same way when we were kids!

pumpkins and toddler

I really love making memories, and starting traditions with Lincoln.  Having my sweet son to do all these fun things with, is seriously the best thing ever.


 We ended up spending $40 in pumpkins!! Along with Lincoln's two tiny ones, we picked up 2 big ones and two other small ones.    Jared will carve one of the larger ones, and Lincoln will paint the other. 

Here's Lincoln with his very own pumpkin patch :)

toddler and pumpkins

Have you visited your local pumpkin patch this year?  It was certainly something we will do each fall with our family.  It was a blast!


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