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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got Poop? {Stories}

Two weeks ago, I asked you all to share your funny toddler poop stories.  It might seem a bit inappropriate, but c'mon, they can be freaking hilarious!  Two of my brave readers volunteered their stories, and now it's my turn to share them with you! 
So with that...Here we go!!!
Last week I was cleaning the house and I noticed all of a sudden that it was very quiet…not a good sign, as any mom knows…mischief is at hand most definitely. I walked into the boys’ bathroom to find Hunter and Colton bent over the toilet! Hunter still had his pants down and it smelled quite stinky. And had it not I don’t think I would have believed what had occurred. H had gone poop, C had wiped his tush (clean might I add, of course I checked), they had plopped the turd into the toilet and flushed that bad boy away…Not even kidding!! I didn’t want to scold them because, after all, they were taking care of some serious business. But I did tell Hunter that he needed to tell an adult when he needed to go potty and that we would be more then happy to help him, “But I told Colton mom”…lol! Too cute! Needless to say I scrubbed both of their hands up to their shoulders and fully inspected them both for any residual mess. Good to go! Would have thought they were girls they cleaned up the mess so well. I’m fully impressed and horrified all at the same time. Gotta love being a mom!
So today when the boys are playing cars, typical play for us. I listened in on the conversation. They are each driving a big car (the daddy car) and a little car (the kid car). The kid car keeps telling the dad car he needs to go poop! Now, being a mom of boys I think this is hilarious!! I mean of course the kid car needs to poop right?! Where do they come up with this stuff?

Again, today we are outside and the boys are playing with rocks and sticks…we have lots of those out here in the great pacific northwest! Both Hunter and Colton are leaning over this rock looking under it…Me “Boys, what are you looking at?” Hunter “Oh we are looking for poop.” Me “Oh.” LOL! OF course you’re looking for poop…why the heck not! Luckily they didn’t find any. But geez..gross!!! - Deanna @ Mayhem Mavens
Our son wasn’t even two yet. I had my brother and his wife over for the weekend. We were enjoying a nice supper and Braden was done, so we stripped him naked and let him have his nightly “nudey bum time”which he has been enjoying since he was about 8 weeks old. We were taking our time visiting at the supper table, when all of a sudden we look over to a naked toddler with his legs apart, squatting just ever so slightly, to drop a nugget within feet of my brother onto the floor and run away giggling. Luckily my brother and his wife thought it was hilarious, but I was mortified! My son has ALWAYS been a private pooper and had never had a poop accident in all his nightly rituals nudey bum I was shocked! Needless to say...that was also the night we retired naked time! – Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer

Thank you both for sharing!  If you're looking for new blogs to read, make sure you check out Mayhem Mavens and Nurse Loves Farmer

Hope you all got a good laugh!

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