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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Got Poop Stories?

It’s a known fact that there’s been a lot of “poop talk,” around these parts lately.  While chatting on my “Mommy Board” the other day, we were all dishing out our kids latest and greatest poop stories.  And then, I had an idea…

Let’s face it.  Toddler poop stories can be funny.  Hilariously funny.  So I want to hear YOUR best poop stories!  Yes.  That’s right.  Yes.  It might be inappropriate to some, but since when will that stop me ;)
I will compile everyone’s stories into a post and share them on my blog. 

Want to participate?  Well, of course you do!  Please EMAIL me your story, don’t comment with it, because then everyone will have already read it!  If you have a blog, I will happily link to it, as well!
Ready to get started?!  Then send me your funny toddler, kids, or baby poop stories here!  I can’t wait to read and share them with you all!!


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