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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Toddler Boys Fall Fashion

Are you a boy mom?  If you are, then surely you understand the lack of cute boy clothing.  Don't get me wrong.  It's out there.  It's just finding it.  Sometimes it seems like I have to search high and low to find something for my sweet Lincoln. 

Is it just me, or was it easier when they were itty bitty.  Newborn boys clothing?  Loved it.  The baby blue colors with light gray accents, were just adorable on my sweet boy.  However, he's not so itty bitty anymore.  In fact, he's rapidly approaching 3 years old a bit sooner than I'd like to admit. 

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite fall ensembles for toddler boys.  I apologize if you live in the south, because these outfits probably won't help you out in your 90+ degree weather.

outfit descriptions posted from top and left to right.

1.  Children's Place.  My favorite thing about the Children's Place is their jeans.  LOVE their jeans!  However, this outfit is just darling.  I love the layered look of the sweater.

2.  Gap.  We all know Gap clothing is a classic. I personally love this look for family portraits.  I could probably do without the hat, though. 

3.  Crazy 8.  We don't have this store anywhere near us, but I love their website! I have been known to buy *almost* any clothing that says anything close to "handsome like Daddy."  So when I saw the "Daddy's Sidekick" shirt, I loved it!  I think it would be even more awesome if Jared had a shirt that said, "Lincoln's sidekick." :)

4.  Gymboree.  My favorite store ever.  While some might not like their matchy match styles, I just adore them.  I can always find something in Gymboree that I love for Lincoln.  This outfit immediately caught my eye.

5. This is another outfit from Crazy 8.  Lincoln is a bit obsessed with airplanes.  Which, of course, makes this outfit even more perfect!  And did you see the matching hat AND shoes?!

6. These are pajamas.  But I couldn't NOT include them.  My husband would probably pay a bajillion dollars for jammies with a police car on them.  They're from Gymboree

What do you think of my selections?  What is your impression on the selection of boys clothing? 

I wasn't compensated at all for the mention of these stores.  I just wanted to share some cute outfits with you all :)


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