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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our visit to Storyland {Review}

One of my fondest childhood memories, is visiting Storyland with my parents and grandparents.  If you're from the New England area, than you more than likely are familiar with this children's theme park.  Nestled in the White Mountains, it's a beautiful location for a family vacation. Storyland is primarily geared towards kids ages 2-12.  Lincoln will turn three years old in November, so he's at the perfect age!
I was really excited when Jared and I decided we would cap off our summer, with a weekend getaway to Storyland.  And because MY DAD IS HOME, we invited my parents and brother along with us. Having my parents and brother with us, was even more nostalgic for me.
When my brother and I were kids, my parents/grandparents were crazy people, and DROVE THE 4 1/2 HOURS EACH WAY IN JUST ONE DAY.  Yeah.  We are not nuts, so we booked a hotel for two nights :)
When we arrived to Storyland bright and early Saturday morning, my brother wanted to get Lincoln his official "Storyland Drivers License."  I kid you not, this is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.  And, it only took 4 try's to get the perfect shot...

Once Lincoln obtained his license, he ran into Mother Goose!  He really liked her goose...& its hat!

mother goose

Then, I spotted Curious George and knew my boy would love to meet him.  I think Curious George was happy to meet Lincoln, as well!

curious george

We hit up many rides.  My brother offered to go on the Dutch Shoes with Lincoln.  My brother is 6'3".  It was freaking hysterical watching him cram himself into this tiny shoe!  He sure loves his nephew :)

dutch shoes ride

Because Lincoln is so tall for his age, he was able to go on the thrill rides that he loves so much.  Here he is on the Polar Coaster with his Daddy, Grammy, & Grandpa.

polar coaster

Next up was the raft ride.  This photo was taken before we all got soaked.

raft ride

And because he was already wet, his Daddy & Grammy headed straight towards the flume ride, Bamboo Chutes.

bamboo chutes

Like most theme parks, there was a train.  Trains, or "choo-choo's," as Lincoln calls them, are one of Lincoln's absolute favorite things.  He was thrilled to get on board.

train ride

And, here he is with his Daddy on the train.

father and son

We visited the Loopy Lab.  This is an indoor exhibit that is loaded with all sorts of nerf balls.  There are different things you can do with them, from sucking them up with a vacuum like hose, to shoot them out of different devices to make them blast off!  We spent quite a bit of time in here.  We practically had to drag Lincoln out, and remind him that there was so much more to do!  Here he is hoarding all the blue balls...
loopy lab

There are many different locations for photo opps at Storyland. This one was taken right before we jumped on the safari ride.  I swear he was much happier than he looks in this picture!

safari ride

...and he was even happier once we boarded the safari ride.  Because?  IT WAS JUST LIKE A TRAIN!!!

safari ride

Storyland has a new ride, called Splash Battle.  You board a slow moving water ride that has water guns.  Throughout the ride, you can shoot water at other boats, as well as people outside of the ride using the stationary water guns on the outside.  It was SO FUN, and Lincoln's absolute favorite ride.  Although we got absolutely soaked, it was well worth it! 

While I obviously didn't get a picture of us on the ride, here is Lincoln with his uncle teaching him how to shoot water at the boats passing by...
splash battle

A few other rides we went on, but were not able to get photos of, were the antique cars, the tea cups, and the great balloon chase.

We spent a full day at the park, and had a fantastic time!  I was able to even get a cute photo of the three of us...

family photo

I was very happy my parents and brother were able to come along with us, and I think Lincoln was even happier!  If you're in the New England area, or just want to visit a great children's theme park, I'd definitely recommend Storyland.

 All opinions expressed are my own.  Special thanks to the wonderful people at Storyland for providing these tickets free of charge, and providing my family with a memorable vacation.


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