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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day!  We have had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Satirday we got together with a bunch of Jared's family for an end of summer celebration.  Lincoln had a blast playing with his cousins. 

Sunday we headed to a nearby fair.  I don't know about you, but there's something about fairs that just scream "FALL" to me.  And who doesn't love a good fair?  The yummy food...and now that Lincoln is old enough, he really enjoys the rides! 

So the three of us headed out bright and early Sunday morning.  Lincoln was very excited when we arrived.

They had a decent selection for kiddie rides.  And can I just tell you all what a little daredevil my son is?  One of the rides, I thought he was going to get thrown off from.  He kept laying down on the car.  The person running the ride stopped it and told him he needed to sit up.  Lincoln listened for all of 2 seconds, and they layed down again once the ride restarted.  Ohhhh boy this kid!

Lincoln also had his first pony ride!  I was really excited when I saw they were offering them.  I can remember pony rides being my absolute favorite thing when I was a kid.  Daddy got to walk along side of him.

He was such a trooper!  And who is this big kid on this pony?!

After we walked around some more, we indulged on some yummy fair food for lunch.  While Jared and I decided on fried dough, Lincoln opted for the same choice he had last year, a corn dog!

On our way out of the fair, we spotted a Del's Lemonade stand.  I was also surprised to see a stand there.  Del's is a Rhode Island thing, and I haven't seen one in Connecticut before!  You have not had a good frozen lemonade, until you've had Del's.  And I swear it's the truth, and I'm not just saying that because I'm from Rhode Island :)

We all enjoyed our Del's on the ride home.  Lincoln would not let his go in the car.  He eventually fell asleep while drinking it.

Another great family weekend to check off in the books! Next weekend, we're headed to Story Land in New Hampshire, along with my parents and brother.  I cannot wait!!

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