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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Crafts via Pinterest

I don't know about you, but there's something about the fall that brings out the craftiness in me.  While browsing the other day on Pinterest, I came up with my favorite 10 crafts to share!

handprint tree
Source: My Blessed Life via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

1.  How cute is this handprint tree?  This is absolutely something I could do with Lincoln this year. 
 Would it be messy?  Absofreakinlutely!  But totally worth it!

Source: La classe della maestra Valentina via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

2.  Sticking with the "tree theme," here is another fall craft idea for kids.  It seems as though the parent/teach drew a circle to encourage the child to only paint the leaves within it.  I think it's a great idea.  And I love the "falling leaves" from the tree!

lighted pumpkin carving
Source: Strawberry Chic via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

3.  I think this is going to be a job for the hubs. The idea is to first carve, and then drill holes into the pumpkin.  You can then place a candle inside for this magical effect. 

leaf art
Source: Kleas via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

4.  Who remembers making these type of leaf crafts when they were a kid?  I cannot wait to do it with Lincoln!
candy corn candle holder
Source: Your Decorating Hotline via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

5.  This is something so simple, yet looks so elegant. 

handprint turkey
Source: Pebbles in my Pocket via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

6.  And back to the handprints...how cute is this little turkey?  What Grandparent wouldn't just adore a little handprint turkey from their little turkey?!  Yes.  I'm corny.  I know. 

fall subway art printable
Source: Betty Crocker {wannabe} via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

7.  This is a fall printable that all you have to do, is just pop into a frame!  Easy, cheap, and festive!!

Source: The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

8.  This is one of my favorites.  These are coasters modge podged with scrapbook paper and other embellishments, to spell "Fall." I am a huge scrapbook/paper crafts lover, so this really appeals to me.

footprint ghosts
Source: Miner Moments via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

9.  Another favorite fall craft for kids of mine.  This time, with FEET!  Lincoln is a bit obsessed with his cute little feet, so I think he would have a blast making this :)

yarn wreaths
Source: It's a Jaime Thing via The Momma Diaries on Pinterest

10.  Fall yarn wreaths!!!!  Aren't these gorgeous?  I should add some to my shop, you think? 

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  1. Very cute crafts ideas! Love the little feet!

  2. Really like the drill to the Pumpkin idea, I hadn't thought very much about how we'd do them this year, and I like this, it seems easy. Reminds me that I have a dremel, perhaps I can get out of the annoying part of pumpkin carving by using power tools!

    Brilliant! :D

  3. thanks for sharing! i am totes going to do the turkey handprint for all our thanksgiving cards!

  4. Hey! I think that super adorable tree with the falling leaves was made with a q-tip...looks like the child dipped the q-tip in paint and made circles by dabbing. Great for pinching and fine motor control. =)

  5. Looooove all of these! Especially the first two tree projects. Dang, I might have to do that first one with Ryan. So cute!

  6. Going to do a bunch of these fun projects with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!


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