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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall 2012 Consignment Sale

Let me start off by saying I never thought I'd enjoy the whole "consignment sale" thing.  I was really skeptical and the thought of putting my child in used clothing, from someone I didn't know, sort of grossed me out.  I'm being completely honest here. 

Please don't think I have judged others who have shopped consignment sales, because I have not.  It was just something I didn't think was for me.

That being said.

For quite some time now, I've noticed a few bloggers writing about their latest and greatest consignment hauls.  And?  I was intrigued. 

This past weekend, there was a consignment sale somewhat near my area, so I decided to see what the hype is all about.

Here's my haul...

Isn't this adorable?  It's a GIRAFFE growth chart!  Brand new, for $1.  Yep.  Pretty awesome.  And?  It matches our unconceived baby #2's nursery bedding perfectly!!

And for Lincoln...

What you see here, is 3 bottoms and 3 tops.  One of those being a GAP sweater for $5.   I was really hoping to get him a few more things, however, being a boy, and the size he is in, my selections were really limited. 

I also found a 1983 Cabbage Patch doll new in the box for $10.  I bought it.  It seemed fairly cheap for a Cabbage Patch doll.  I'm going to look into selling it on ebay.

My grand total?  $29.63

There was absolutely more I could have purchased for Lincoln, but not in my price range.  I think it's especially important to know your brands and prices before you go to something like this.  For example, I saw many Gymboree graphic t shirts for $10.  Used.  I can pay LESS than this when they are having a sale, or by using coupons at the store. 

Overall, I enjoyed the experience.  Would I go again?  Of course!  I think maybe I'd try to hit up the pre-sale next time.  Maybe I'd have better luck with boys clothing.  I am really interested in being a seller when we are done having kids. 

Have you checked out your local fall consignment sale?  The one I visited was Just Between Friends.  They're nationwide!

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