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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You Know You're the Parent of a Toddler When... {Guest Post}

Today I have a guest post from Kat, over at Living Like the Kings.  I was lucky enough to get to finally meet Kat, and hang out with her during BlogHer12!  I have been a follower of her blog for a couple of years now, and it's absolutely one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy her post!!

Hi there! Thank you to Kami for letting me take over her little space on the internet for the day and entertain you all. These days the King household is full of cheerios, poop and coloring books, but we love it all the same. And in case you're a parent to a toddler too, I bet you can relate.

You know you're a toddler parent when... are still coloring Barbie, trying really hard to stay in the lines with the super thick toddler crayons when you realize that your toddler has moved on to a new activity. 15 minutes ago. secretly enjoy getting the scraps off your toddler's plate because, let's face it, chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup sound way better than a salad. realize that it's 8pm, the kid's been in bed for at least a half hour but your Pandora is still playing the Toddler Radio station. You keep it on. reach into your purse to pull out a business card and you pull out a diaper/wipes/pastic horse/cheerios. reach in to your pocket to find a tissue in with someone else's snot. You shrug and put it back in your pocket. You know you'll need it later.'re in bed by 10:30pm on a Saturday night and pat yourself on the back for staying up so "late." Yup, still got it! have conversations about poop all the time. In front of other adults. Casually. Usually it's about texture, color, quantity. If the other adults are also parents to toddlers, they don't blink an eye. Our many child-free friends usually look like they might lose their most recent meal.

...your house looks like there is a 2 year old's party going on. At all times. You clean by stuffing it all into the corners of all the rooms. (17 sippy cups still line your shelves/tables/floors).

...your toddler is screaming their head off because you just took away their toy/stopped them from taking apart a store display/looked at them the wrong way and you're out in public. You don't really pay attention to the many angry/sad/feel-so-bad-for-you/relatable looks from strangers because this is a daily occurrence and you just don't care anymore/there isn't much else to do.

...after a long, long day full of work, chasing a toddler, fighting to brush their teeth, fighting to get them to eat dinner, you finally plop your tired bottom on the couch and look up to see a "Happy Mother's Day" plate that they "made" for your at daycare. You miss them the rest of the night while they're asleep and consider just how bad it would be if you woke them up now just to play.

You can find always read more about life with a toddler, family-friendly recipes, or just my musings at

Living like the kings



  1. Thanks for inviting me to post! :)

  2. Great post! Our kiddos are 4 and 5 now, but I can remember the 'younger' years, and some still apply as they age too :-)

  3. So true! many times have I reached in my purse for my wallet to pull out a toy car! or a half way eaten granola bar!

  4. Bahahaha today I opened up my wallet and there was nothing in it! She had taken all the cards out!


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