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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club {Review}

It seems like monthly boxes are all the rage.  Wittlebee launched their very own monthly box, specializing in kids clothing!  Let's face it.  Kids grow SO fast.  Sometimes, my son goes to bed at night, and I swear he wakes up bigger the next morning!  Because we cannot keep our babies tiny forever, Wittlebee created a monthly clothing box!  Here's how it works.

You start off by establishing your child's "style profile."  You select which sizes you need for your box that month, as well as any particular colors you like.  It doesn't stop there.  Interested in pajamas?  Let them know!  Don't like graphic t shirts?  There's a spot for that too!  Do you want dress up clothes, or clothes to hang out in around the house?  Whatever you're looking for, or not looking for, Wittlebee has you covered. 

Wittlebee also offers the opportunity to chat with one of their personal stylist, if you wish! 

Then, about two weeks later, you'll receive your very own customized box!  Each box contains 6 items, and although the box cost $40 each month, you receive approximately $100 worth of clothing!! That's more than 50%!!!

I was recently sent our very own Wittlebee box to review for Lincoln. We were sent four tops.
toddler clothing

And four bottoms...
toddler clothing
I was very impressed with the box we were sent!  I love that we received plaid shorts for Lincoln, because I think he looks like such a little man when wearing them. Another favorite was the helicopter t-shirt.  Lincoln is obsessed with anything that flies, so he was very excited!

I personally love the giraffe shirt we received.  It's actually a Wittlebee shirt, marketing their product, but I think it's so adorable...& I love giraffes ;)
Here he is wearing his Wittlebee giraffe shirt and new Crazy 8 comfy shorts...notice his hand is in the pocket.

I was very impressed with our Wittlebee box.  The stylist I emailed back and forth, was determined to deliver the style best suited for Lincoln, and she did just that.

Normally Wittlebee is $40 per month.  However, you can get your first box right now for only $30 if you click here.

Please note:  I was sent this Wittlebee box free of charge.  All opinions expressed are of my own.



  1. Great idea. Found you on the Hop along blog op

  2. We just did a review for Wittlebee too and I LOVED it! You guys got such cute stuff, too! Little boy clothes are the best, I don't care what anyone says! :)


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