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Monday, August 13, 2012

We're Going to Disney World {again}

It seems like we were literally JUST in Florida.  Probably because we were, just three weeks ago.  And although my Dad is officially home, we already had this trip booked.  There are a few things that need to be taken care of at the condo my parents are renting.  SO...Jared, Lincoln, and myself, ALONG with my Dad are going back for a week!  While I am away, I have a few posts scheduled, as well as some guest posts! 

Although we're boarding a plane to the sunshine state today, I realized I never recapped our visit from when we were there three weeks ago!  So briefly, to sum it up [mostly in photos], here we go...

First of all, Lincoln is officially a window seat lover on the airplane. 

During this particular trip, Lincoln and I went to Florida with my Mom to visit my Dad.  It was the first time I have seen him since I was there two weeks post his transplant.  It was so great to see him much more like himself.  And, I'm not talking before his surgery, either.  I'm talking about the Dad I knew many years ago, before he got so sick.  He was able to PLAY WITH LINCOLN!!! He has NEVER been able to get on the floor and play cars with his grandson.  He has never been able to wrestle with him, and have a tickle match.  Lincoln fell even more in love with his Grandpa...or "Pam-Pa," as he was calling him. 

We knew we were going to be going to at least one park while we were there, so I had Lincoln some adorable personlized shirts made!!!

We spent an entire day at Downtown Disney.  I love that place.  Lincoln enjoyed himself as well.  He rode a train with Grandpa, and the carousel with his Grammy.  He was also awe-struck when he saw this cut-out from his favorite characters of UP!
toddler disney

We also decided to go to Epcot.  Although Lincoln has been to Disney several times at just 2 years old, he has never met any of the characters.  Every time I have shown them to him, he has not been interested.  HOWEVER, this time was a whole different story!
We also spent a lot of time just hanging out at the condo.  There's a great pool there, and it is obviously so incredibly hot in Orlando!!

toddler bubbles
So today, Lincoln and I take our 7th trip to Florida in one year.  Our grand total will end up being 8 trips come October.  Because we never knew when my Dad would get his transplant, my aunt planned her wedding at the country club that's located at my parents condo.  Did I tell you Lincoln is going to be a ring bearer?  Oh yes!!! 

This week will be a fun trip.  We're thinking of taking Lincoln back to Sea World, and we still have passes to Disney, so I'm sure we'll end up there ;)


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  1. fun!! We went last year for Evelyn's first trip and we're all dying for another one asap! I'm jealous!!


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