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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mothering a Daughter {Guest Post}

Today's featured guest post is from Courtney, of Baxtron{Life}. I had the opportunity to meet Courtney, while in NYC at BlogHer12, and she is such a sweet person!  Today Courtney tells us about all the things she's looking forward to with her daughter.  Hope you enjoy!

I'm Courtney, a wife, mama and writer. 

My blog Baxtron{Life} is a place where I share:

lots of pictures of life in New York City with our little family of three, 

and some of the real struggles of my life.  


Today, while Kami is enjoying some time away - I thought I'd share some things I'm looking forward to as the mother of a little girl.  My daughter Zion turned 2 this year, and while I am cherishing the moments we have now - I can't help but look ahead at the fun times we'll have in the future!

It is such a privilege and a responsibility to raise a daughter. 

I have always wanted to be a mom, and I can't tell you how happy I am that I had a daughter first.  

She has opened my heart in ways I never imagined possible.  

There are so many things I want for her to experience and enjoy in her life.

As her imagination begins to flourish, 

I look forward to creating a dress-up box for her; 

filling it with play clothes and old high-heels.  

I look forward to watching her try on necklaces and jewelry, tiaras and heels.

I look forward to her begging me and the hubs for ballet lessons, or other dance lessons.  

And watching her twirl in a little tutu in front of us.  

She loves twirling already, and any form of dance makes her face light up.

via Kasey Albano

I look forward to passing on my love of baking.  

Spending countless hours trying new recipes, 

licking the spoons and delighting in our creations.

I look forward to hair cuts and dyes and all kinds of hair style experiments.  

She has such beautiful soft curls, 

and I am so excited to see her hair as it grows longer and she is able to do more with it.

I look forward to her being a little older so that we can travel as a family to Israel, 

and experience our faith in a fresh and inspirational way.  

We're planning our trip for next year!

I look forward to shopping trips, 

where we can chat about our love of shoes, 

try on new outfits and sip our fancy coffee drinks together.

I look forward to her first roller coaster ride 

and visits to amusement parks, theme parks and other fun resorts!  

We have family in Orlando, so Disney World seems like a great option in the near future!

I look forward to teaching her how to apply make-up, 

and doing her make-up for special occasions.

I look forward to learning all of her dreams and desires, 

her passions and purposes. 

 I look forward to watching her run confidently in their direction.

I look forward to all the major life events, 

achievements and milestones she will reach in her life.  

I look forward to throwing huge celebrations every step of the way 

and being her number one fan, always.

And most importantly, what I look forward to the most, 

is her recognizing what Jesus did for us all, 

and fully embracing the gift of salvation and grace that is offered to her.

I would love to hear your what you look forward to!

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