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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet "Addison" Bear

Last October I wrote about a very sad event.  Jared's cousin lost her baby at 37 weeks pregnant.  A very heartbreaking tragedy.  Something no one should ever have to go through. 

At that time, one of my readers referred me to Molly BearsBridget Crews, the founder of Molly Bears, lost her sweet angel Molly, at 34 weeks pregnant.  Exactly like Jared's cousin, her baby died of a tight knot in her cord.  In an effort to preserve her memory, she bought a teddy bear.  She also bought a package of rice, and carefully filled the teddy bear so she weighed 3 pounds, like her daughter.  That night Bridget fell asleep holding her "Molly Bear."  Although still heartbroken, she was able to find some comfort.  It was in that moment that she soon realized she needed to help other Mother's who have lost their precious babies. 

Molly Bears are funded completely by donations.  Anyone can make a donation, which in turns allows a grieving family to receive their bear free of charge.  Each bear is created with love and care.  No two bears are alike. 

Last October, I ordered Jared's cousin a bear.  I went back and forth with this decision, because I knew it would take some time (estimated one year) for her to receive her bear.  I wasn't sure if it would bring up painful memories, and if it was just best to "let it go" so to speak.  However, I listened to my heart.  I thought about what I would want if something so tragic happened to me.  I knew I had to order a bear.

While I was in Florida two weeks ago, Jared called me to say a very important package arrived in the mail.  He said it weighed 6 pounds and 5 ounces.  Right then, I knew it was Addison Lynn.

baby loss

We gave "Addison Bear" to Jared's cousins last week.  They were very thankful.  Their older children even loved the bear.  Their 8 year old little girl was holding it like a baby. 

I want to thank Molly Bears for being such a generous, compassionate company.  While I know this bear certainly cannot replace their precious daughter, I do know that it provided them with comfort.


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  1. Wow, what an amazing story and a great lady she is for trying to help other moms


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