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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magic Kingdom // Disney World Recap

As promised last week, I am going to be breaking down our vacation to Florida in individual posts.  We did SO much, that to include it in just one post would be incredibly overwhelming!  So with that.  Here we go. 

disney world

The first park we ventured out to, was the Magic Kingdom.  As much as I adore this park, I hate how crowded it always is!  But, I suppose that's to be expected! 

Lincoln is completely 100% obsessed with trains.  Or "choo-choo's," as he calls them.  So our first stop, was to jump on board the Magic Kingdom Railroad!

Look how excited my boy is...[& notice is little hand in the proper "choo choo" motion].

magic kingdom

We all enjoyed the train ride.  If you choose to take a round trip, which of course we did, it's about 20 minutes long.  Plenty enough time for my train loving boy to shout out "choo-choo" multiple times! 

Did you know Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride is completely revamped?!  And let me tell you. It's freaking awesome.  If you've been to Disney before, you are well aware that the line for Dumbo was beyond ridic.  In fact, although we've been to the Magic Kingdom before, we chose to not take Lincoln on this ride, because of the long wait.  HOWEVER, let me tell you how Disney rocked this.

For starters, their are now TWO Dumbo rides.  They are both located right next to each other, and they both are part of the same line. 

If that isn't awesome enough, here's how the new Dumbo "line" works:  You walk into this AIR CONDITIONED building, and walk straight to a reservation desk.  Just like at a restaurant, the attendant asks how many are in your party and hands you a buzzer.  We were told our estimated wait time would be 20 minutes. 

It gets better.

While we're waiting to ride Dumbo, there's an INDOOR play area for the kids!  How incredibly genius is that?! 

When your buzzer goes off, you are escorted to the line for Dumbo.  We were in that line for only about 5 minutes.  Well done, Disney.  Well done.

We didn't get a photo of us in the actual ride, but I did snap this quick shot of Lincoln afterwards...

dumbo the flying elephant

Next stop was to head over to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  Lincoln is Toy Story obsessed, and he LOVES Buzz.  This is one of his favorite rides at Disney World.  When we came off the ride, guess who was waiting to meet Lincoln?! 

Oh yes, it was Buzz himself!  Lincoln was thrilled!  And honestly? I was a bit surprised because Buzz was ridiculously HUGE, and rather intimidating looking!  But I'm so proud of my boy...

buzz light year, toy story

He kept trying to push Buzz's buttons, which was hysterical.  He enjoyed meeting him so much, that we practically had to drag our sweet boy away!  We told him other kids needed to meet Buzz, but Lincoln was a bit upset :(

As much as my husband hates this ride, Lincoln and I both enjoy "It's a Small World."  And seriously? How can you NOT enjoy that ride?  It's a Disney classic! 

Lincoln loves that it's on a boat, and he literally clapped to the song the entire time.

it's a small world

We left the park relatively early.  It was hot, and Lincoln was pretty much done for the day.  But, we did manage to get one heck of a cute family photo :)

magic kingdom

We had a great family day.  Lots of fun, indeed.  The Magic Kingdom is supposed to be opening the rest of their Fantasyland expansion some time in early November. Unfortunately, our next trip is for my Aunt's wedding at the end of October.  You think they'll open it early for us?! ;)


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