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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"What do I want to be when I grow up?"

Sounds funny asking myself that question, at [almost] 31 years old.

But if I'm honest with myself, I think depending where you are in your life, the answer for that question changes over time.

When I was a little girl I was a HUGE animal lover. I still am! I thought the dream job for me, was a veterinarian. It sounded perfect. I would be in the company of furry friends all day long. That sounded great. That was until I learned that veterinarians also had to put animals to sleep. There went that idea.

Next up on the list was a teacher. I loved school. My brother and I used to play "school" when we were kids. And because my brother is younger than me, he was always the student. Poor boy was always getting bossed around by his big sister :)

I'm not exactly sure when the whole teacher thing disappeared, but it did. In high school I wanted to do something with writing. I put all my effort into my journalism classes, and was even the sports editor of our newspaper. In my senior yearbook when asked where I see myself in ten years, I replied " the editor of a successful magazine." High hopes for sure. And although those standards are incredibly high for just ten years time, I truly believed it was an attainable goal. Looking back at this, I'm proud of my 17 year old self for responding with such a mature, inspiring answer.

I started my college career declaring my major in Communications, focusing on Public Relations. Like a lot of college students, I changed that major, and received my Bachelor's degree in English. So what the heck do I do with my English degree?

Well, for starters, it's proudly displayed in our office/playroom :)

It's waiting for me if I decide to ever go back to work.

Do I regret the seven years (yes, I just said SEVEN), it took me to earn that degree; to be a stay at home mom? Absolutely not. I am proud of that degree. Those seven years shaped me to being the person I am today. And honestly? How can I regret that?

So when asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I think the best answer is "me." It's simple, and it's honest. It's being 100% true to myself.

As time goes on, life changes. We change. Why should we be committed to just one dream? Shouldn't we explore all our hearts desires? One thing is for certain. I know I will encourage Lincoln to believe he can be anything. I want him to believe in himself, and follow all his dreams. If he wants to be a doctor today and a baseball player tomorrow, I will be right there cheering him on.

So whatever your dream job is in life, as long as you stay true to yourself, I think you're doing an okay job.

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  1. Right there with you, Momma. For now I'm just enjoying being me :)

  2. I totally agree - I totally plan to go back to school when I can afford it, and I don't care if it ever makes me money. Sometimes the 'end result' isn't the point...

  3. I love this. I have mixed feelings about my degrees, but you are right, they shaped who I am today. And made me the mother I am today, so I should be thankful for that.


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