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Friday, July 6, 2012

BlogHer '12 Weekly Check-in

Another week closer to Blogher'12! I am getting more and more excited each day!!  So, what's new to report this week?!?!  Parties, parties, and more parties.  That seems to be all the rage!  Everyone is posting which parties they are invited to, and which ones they are hoping for an invite.  It is CRAZY!!! 

As for me?  I am not stressin' about all the party biz.  This is my first blogging conference, and I'm pretty excited about just that!  Not to mention, BlogHer has their own parties that I'm sure are equally fun. 

I am just excited about the conference itself!!  I'm excited about attending sessions, and meeting some of my blogging buddies!!  I'm excited about being in NYC for my first time ever with my husband!!

If I happen to get invited to a party that is relevant to my blog, that is awesome!  And if not?  That is okay, too!  So I refuse to stress over which parties all the cool kids are going to.  Because really?  That is just high school all over again, and what fun is that?!

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  1. I was tempted to go but just don't think I can swing it! You should come to Cybher13 in London!


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