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Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Weekly Roundup}

Yup.  You guessed it.  Another crazy busy week!  The beginning was filled with lots of cookouts and family get togethers.  The middle of the week we had a sickie boy.  He woke up one morning with a nasty cough.  Lincoln doesn't get sick too often, so I was of course concerned.  That night he was up from 3:30am to 6:30am.  I knew we'd be visiting the pediatrician.  Thankfully, he only had a virus that's going around.  He said the cough could last awhile, and told me to give him Benedryl at nighttime to help him sleep.

We did lots and lots of snuggling.  And this Momma read her some 50 Shades of Grey.  I started the third book this week, and I'm not saying anymore.  That will be a whole seperate post on its own!!

The end of the week my boy was back to his happy self, although he still has a cough.  We played outside and spoiled him with a new kitchen! 

OH, and you likey the new blog layout?!?!?!  I did it all by myself, and I LOVE it!!!  Maybe I should open my own little blog design shop ;)

Here's our week.....

Airplane swings // "TA DAAA" // Rock pies // Smut for Momma // Cutest little co-pilot you ever did see // Favorite mug of mine // Blog revamp // Crafty goodness // Morning snuggles // Why I love co-sleeping // Stylin' boy // Chef Lincoln.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!


  1. Aww so glad he is feeling better!! Love your design? What program did you use and where did you get those pennant flag graphics! so cute!! I have been looking for some and cant find anywhere

  2. super cute revamp! and the smut? i was addicted...still am. i'm crazy about who is going to play christina & ana in the movie!

  3. Jill - I used Microsoft Publisher for designing the header! I got the banner from etsy. I was surprised with how much stuff you can find there for graphics! Just search for clip art :)

  4. Awesome, never would of thought to look there! Thanks Hun

  5. I never thought of getting graphics from etsy! What a good idea! My daughter was sick this week with the same thing. Crazy! Great blog, found you on the hop!


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