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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Toddler Summer Essentials

Last week I posted about my summer essentials.  I told you all I would write about Lincoln's summer essentials this week.  As promised, here you go...

1.  I never understood the necessity of a rashguard, until I became the Momma of a baby boy.  Lincoln ALWAYS wears a rashguard.  It gives him extra protection from the sun's harmful rays.  And, they are quite cute!  In fact, Lincoln has this very same one from The Children's Place :)

2.  Outdoor toys are a must!  Cars, trucks, or anything with wheels, are favorites in our household.  Sandtrucks are perfect to play with outside!

3.  I know I've mentioned once or twice before how much I love the puddle jumper.  This floatation device allows Lincoln to completely swim all by himself.  He even jumps into the pool wearing this thing!  It gives him great confidence.  It's awesome!

4.  Aveeno Baby Sunblock.  I don't even think I need an explanation for this one.

5.  BUBBLES!!!  Seriously, hours of enjoyment.  Lincoln loves to "stomp" on the bubbles.  I particularly like the "no spill" bubbles, like the one pictured.  This allows Lincoln to blow his own bubbles...minus the mess ;)

6.  Rocket Pop Molds.  One of Lincoln's favorite things is spaceships.  When I saw these molds, I knew we had to buy them!!  I made smoothie pops with these the other day, and they were a great hit!

7.  Balls, balls, and more balls.  You seriously cannot have enough!  Lincoln is loving soccer.  We can sign him up when he turns 3 years old, and I really think we will!

8.  We bought this Little Tikes water table for Lincoln last year, and it's just as much fun this year!  Oh, and a sidenote, I totally just pulled that old post up and just about died about those sweet baby cheeks my boy had just one year ago :::tear:::

9.  A baseball cap.  Because really, what little boy doesn't need a baseball cap?  Preferably one that says "Boston Red Sox" :)

10.  And lastly, swim diapers!!! Because disintergrating diapers are not fun!!!

There you have it, folks.  My top ten summer essentials for toddlers...well, my toddler anyways :)



  1. Hopping over from Jenna's. That looks about like our summer essentials ;-)

  2. Coming on over from Jenna's!!! I am the mama of TWO boys! I agree with every one of these essentials!!!

  3. Found you via Jenna's Journey---great list!!!

  4. I need to go out and buy those pop sickle things!


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