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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ridin' and Slippin' and Slidin' !!!

Last Friday, we met up with Jared's cousins and took the kids to a nearby amusement park.  I wasn't too sure how Lincoln would do.  He's been to Disney a bunch of times [lucky kid], but the last time we were  there he wanted nothing to do with the rides.  But, we decided to go for it anyways.

And, I'm so glad we did!  He seriously had the BEST time ever!  I don't know if he was excited to be with his cousins, or what, but my boy had a blast! 

And the rides?  Well, he went on them again and again!

Lincoln and his cousin, Cayden are exactly one month apart.  People always assume they're twins!  They have grown up together right from the start, and they're really starting to become best buds.  It's so awesome!

Oh, and yes.  That would be my fearless boy riding the FRONT SEAT of the kiddie coaster!!  He rode it FOUR TIMES!!  He LOVED it!!  Seeing him have so much fun, made me so happy!

There's also a water park attached to the amusement area.  I knew Lincoln would love this.  We headed there for a couple of hours.  He was great about wearing the life jacket.  It's a bit different from his puddle jumper, but he seemed to know that if he put it on, he could go play! 

And play, he did!  They even had little kiddie water slides that he eagerly went down again, and again! 

After we got him all changed up and ready to go home, he passed out in his stroller, and slept the entire ride home. 

We had such a great family day.  I foresee a few more trips to this amusement park this summer :)

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