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Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Beach Vacation Recap

Although we seriously only had two good days weather wise, our beach vacation was fun-filled. Lincoln had a blast, and my little night owl even went to bed at 6:30pm one night and slept until 7am the next morning!  Also, my little man who decided he was too cool for naps, took a nap every single day!  I joked to my husband that we needed to move to the beach.  Well, maybe I was half serious ;)

This was Lincoln's third year at our beach house.  Each year it gets more fun for him...and for us!  He LOVED the ocean.  I wasn't sure how adventurous he'd be, but my boy was running alongside the waves.  And, he even got his little feet wet! 

He loved digging in the sand.  He was particularly awesome at destroying sandcastles everyone else was making :)

Where our timeshare is, we also have a heated indoor pool.  Last year Lincoln was a little unsure of the water, but this year was an entirely different story.  I bought him a puddle jumper floatation device, and I think it really helped him out.  Lincoln was swimming ALL BY HIMSELF!!!  He was even jumping into the water!  My sweet boy is a fishy, and boy was he proud of himself!!

 We were determined to enjoy our stay at the beach, even though the weather was less than cooperative.  We bundled up to go play in the sand.  Lincoln didn't seem to mind the crappy weather.  He even got to ride a ridiculously old carousel.  He was so happy waving to his Momma each time he went by :)

So, that wraps up another year at our beach house.  Next year maybe we'll have an itty bitty baby to accompany us...eeeek!!


  1. No matter the weather, beach vacations are my ultimate favorite! Your photos are darling! What great memories!!!!

  2. Lovely photos and post! Found you thru the June Blog Hop and have now followed you via GFC and Twitter. :) Cant' wait to read more.

  3. I love the beach! I just wish we didn't live so far away! I grew up on the Jersey Shore and even after 8 years, it's definitely an adjustment, not being able to just go the beach whenever I feel like it.

    Found you through the June hop and am now following along!

  4. Love the beach! And it has been my dream to rent a beach house, or owning one would be fine. Coming to you from the june blog hop at bloggy moms!

  5. I always find beach is the perfect place for relaxing. It's glad to see you guys had great fun together on the beach. I love the shots very much. Thanks

  6. What great memories and photos your son will have from this vacation - how fun!

    I'm here via the Bloggy Moms June Blog Hop. I've followed you on Twitter and "Like"d your page on Facebook.

  7. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!


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