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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where do I like to shop?

Ahhhh, shopping.  One of my favorite past time activities.  Sometimes all this girl needs is a relaxing day shopping, iced coffee in hand.  You know that rarely happens nowadays.  Now my shopping adventures are accompanied by a rambuncious toddler, and a sippy cup. 

So where do I shop?  Let's start with myself.  Lately I've been doing a lot of my personal shopping at Old Navy.  Why?  I can't beat the irresistible prices, AND super adorable clothes.  Win win for me!  In fact, yesterday I scored a few $2 tanks. Yes people, I said TANK TOPS FOR TWO DOLLARS, and this cute summery skirt on sale for $12, normally $30...
favorite places to shop

You cannot go wrong.  OH, did I mention that this flirty little skirt has pockets?!?!  You know, so I can stash pacifiers in there ;)

Another favorite place of mine is good ol' Target.  Again, awesome prices, and cute clothing.  I could seriously do all of my shopping at Target.

I've recently discovered the Loft.  Yes.  Apparently I have been living under a rock for a few years now.  The prices are much higher than Target and Old Navy, but oh how I love thee.  Their clothing is very sophisticated, but not in an old lady way. 

Okay, enough about me.  Where do I shop for Lincoln?!  Well, like his Momma, he gets a lot of his deets from Target and Old Navy as well.  But, my favorite place to shop for my sweet boy...

GYMBOREE!!!  I'm obsessed.  And, I have been ever since that positive pregnancy test.  Their prices are pretty ridiculous.  But, if you're a savvy shopper like myself, you wait until they go on sale [or better yet, clearance], and you stack that with a coupon, it's not all that bad. 

Because really how cute is this little outfit....

favorite places to shop
 And, oh my goodness those matching shoes and hat!!!
favorite places to shop
 I am in serious trouble if we ever have a baby girl, because I swear they have triple the selection of girls clothing than boys. 

I also love the Children's Place for Lincoln.  I didn't shop there too much when he was an infant, but they have some super cute clothing for toddlers.  Like this little ensemble...

I loved loved LOVED Carter's when Lincoln was itty bitty, and although I can still get him some nice clothes there, I don't shop there as much as I did when he was younger. 

So, there you have it!  My favorite places to shop for myself, and my little Lincoln.  Where do you shop?!

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