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Thursday, May 3, 2012

So, I'm thinking of carrying mace...

Ugh.  Okay, so bare with me, this could get long. 

Last week I had an appointment.  Jared stayed home with Lincoln. On my way home, I decided to stop at Old Navy, which is in a shopping center that we always go to, it has a playground that we bring Lincoln to all the time. Honestly, we're there just about once a week.

Anyways, I parked my car at Old Navy. I have this contraption on the top of my car that brings my wheelchair down to the drivers side, so I don't have to lift it. So, I had my chair folded up next to my open car door. I was sitting in the drivers seat getting my wallet out of my bag.

All of a sudden I hear someone say, "YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN!!"

I turn my head, and there's this man, probably upper 40's or so screaming his head off at me. He's going on and on about how I ran through three stop signs, which I did not. He tells me there's a playground there and I need to watch where I'm going...all while screaming at me.

I remained very calm and told him "that's enough." I thought maybe he'd just leave. Nope. He kept going on.

Finally I asked him, "who are you?"  Afterall, this was just some ordinary man in ordinary clothes.  I had no idea who he was.  He told me he was the operations manager....which I later learned is a glorified term for "trash picker."

Because he wouldn't stop, and I was literally trapped, I said, "my husband is a police officer, this is enough." Again, I was very calm...probably too calm, thoughout this whole thing. I only said Jared was an officer hoping that would maybe get him to leave.

He said he didn't care who my husband was and that he could make it so I could no longer shop in that center.

Again I told him that was enough.

He went on for a bit more, all while I basically ignored him, until he finally left.

I went into Old Navy and asked for the manager. I knew Old Navy had nothing to do with this guy, but I figured they'd at least have some info. I explained everything and she gave me the number for the center's management office, but she also said that the office was right in the center. She suggested I go there and speak to someone.

I went home first, grabbed Jared, and Lincoln, and we went back.

I talked to the manager and explained everything she was very apologetic and said she'd talk to him. She also took my information. Right as we were about to walk out the door, guess who walks through....yup, that man. He walks in and says, "HOWDY!!!" Seriously?! What an ass.

We just ignored him. Lincoln and I went to Barnes & Noble and Jared went back to the management office.

Jared said he could care less about the stop signs. He said he was more concerned that this man made me feel threatened and would not leave me alone. He said I was trapped. Again, she agreed with him. Jared said we wouldn't take this any further, but we are at that center ALL THE TIME, and should something like this happen again, he absolutely will.

She's supposed to address him, but who knows what will happen.

Oh, and I got a $40 giftcard to The Loft! I wasn't expecting anything out of it, I was just freaking pissed. I think he saw a young girl, and tried to take advantage of that situation. I was defenseless, and he knew that. Ugh.  Makes me freaking sick.

So, initially I hadn't even thought of it, but my brother suggested I should probably carry mace when I'm either out alone, or with just Lincoln.  While I never thought this would be the best idea, I'm now wondering if it would be ideal. 

I know most of you Momma's [if not all] don't use a wheelchair, but what about you?  How do you protect yourself?  Because in the situation I was in, there was literally nothing I could do.


  1. what a horrible situation, mama. you handled it so well, seriously.

    as long as there is a safety lock (so sweet Linc doesn't get his mace on) i'd say to totally carry it. :)

  2. I've thought about carrying mace, too. I think they have some that go right on your keychain, right? Whenever I'm in a parking lot alone, I carry my keys so that I can use them as a weapon if I need to - my grandma told me to do that once and it stuck with me for some reason.

  3. My lord! When did we decide we didn't have to pretend to be polite to one another in this world? You handled this situation with such grace and dignity. I don't know what I would have done if I felt threatened, but I suspect it would not have been one of my prouder moments. Do they sell mace at Walmart? Take care, Allegra


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