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Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love Being a Boy Mom.

Never would I ever have imagined how much I enjoy being a boy momma.  Last week, Lincoln and I had a complete Mommy/Lincoln day.  Jared was at a hockey tournament all day and then went to work from there.  I wasn't sure what we were going to do.  I had a million ideas, and then just decided to stay home.  Because sometimes all a little boy needs is to play in his own yard.

He seriously looks way too big on that ride on toy.  His grandparents only just bought it for him this past Christmas!  But he still had fun.  We played ball.  Lots of ball.

When Lincoln turns three years old, he's eligible to play soccer and I really think I'm going to sign him up!  I know I probably sound like a biased Mom and all, and maybe I am, but I think he has some serious skills!  The way he kicks the ball, and moves his arms and head, seriously...he looks like a little professional!  Yeah yeah, laugh at me all you want...I don't care :) 

 He's my very own little superhero.  I look at him sometimes and just think to myself, "what did I ever do to deserve this beautiful boy?" He seriously takes my breath away.

He wanted me to join him in the matching chair to his right, and didn't understand that I wouldn't fit.

We played outside for three hours.  When it was time to come inside, I knew my boy desperately needed a bath.  I think Evy would have got in there with him if she could have!

 Although it may seem like we didn't do much, we had a very special day.  Just Momma and Son.  And let me tell you, I look forward to many, many more.

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