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Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 years...

It's hard to believe it's been 5 whole years.  Five years since I married my best friend.  It seems like just yesterday.  Where has the time gone?! 

I can still remember every moment of our special day.  I remember waking up that morning thinking to myself, "Today, I'm getting married.  Today, I will become Mrs. Allen.  Today, the next chapter of my life begins." 

While I was certainly a bit nervous, all of those nerves seemed to disappear once I walked down the aisle and met my soon to be husband's eyes.  The way he looked at me.  Wow.  That moment I will remember forever. 

Writing our own vows was so very special.  Saying my vows and declaring my love for this man, in front of everyone, yet it feeling like we were the only two people there, all at the same time.  Listening to him say his vows to me.  His eyes never leaving mine.  His hands gently caressing mine the whole time.  It was pure magic.

Our day was perfect.  Our wedding day was certainly one of the happiest days of my life. 

And I think that was clear to anyone.  We were both so happy.  I love how many photos we have, and I especially love having our day on video so we can one day share our joy with our children. 

 Blissfully happy is exactly how I was that day.

Five years.  How is that even possible?  But when I think about it, we have been through so much in just five years time.  This really is just the beginning of our life together.  And while there has been sadness, tragedy, and heartache throughout these years, there has been so much joy.  And to me, the joy always triumphs, because it just has to.  We have so much more joy to look forward to.  A whole lifetime of joy, love, and happiness, creating memories with each other and our family.

Happy 5th anniversary to my loving, supportive, amazing husband.  Together, we can do anything.  And just like I said 5 years ago, "I promise to love you with all that I am, all that I have, and the only way I know how...completely, and forever."  You are my happily ever after.


  1. HAPPY 5 years - LOVE the wedding photos. We celebrate our 5 this July!

  2. happy 5 years! you were an absolutely glowing bride ;)


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