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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

I swear.  We can never have a weekend where we do absolutely nothing.  This weekend was INSANE!  But, apparently that's how we like it in these parts, because we always seem to have something to do.

So, what were we up to, you ask?  We had another trip planned out to spend the weekend at my Mom's in Rhode Island.  We've been there the past three weekends in a row now.  I'm really not complaining, though.  I'm a total Momma's girl, and being 2 1/2 hour away from my family is really, really hard.  Jared had playoff hockey games [he plays for RI], so we took the 2 1/2 hour drive. 

BUT, before we headed out, Jared needed to take a nap.  He worked overnight the night before & needed some shut eye.  So, while we were waiting...Lincoln & I played with the front facing camera...

Seriously, every time I show him the front facing camera, he either sticks his tongue out, or does a ridiculously cute cheese face :)

While Lincoln was playing with his "choo choo's," I whipped up my very own first hair clip! 

Well, aren't I turning into a crafty thing ;)

Seriously, though.  I'm really liking this crafty stuff.  I think I'm going to open an etsy shop!  But, more of that later. 
Saturday I wanted to go see Jared play hockey.  I have yet to see a game this season, and I totally feel bad about it.  It worked out well, Lincoln got some quality time with his Grammy, and I went to see sweaty, smelly men play an aggressive sport! 

It was playoffs, so it was best of three games.  We won the first, lost the second, and won the third!  Woot!  So, we're off to Long Island this coming weekend.  I'm pretty sure Lincoln and I are going to go watch Daddy play!  And, I just might make my sweet boy a shirt to wear for the event :)

While I was at the games, my mom sent me this super cute picture of my boy enjoying his first Awful Awful :)

And for all you non Rhode Islander's wondering what the heck an "Awful Awful" is, well you're missing out on something sooooo yummy!  RI has a restaurant called Newport Creamery.  They have the best ice cream I have ever had...but maybe I'm just biased!  Anyways, this is basically a milkshake, but better, and apparently my sweet boy loved it :)
We made the trip back home yesterday, and I was quite beat!  I don't know if it was the rainy weather, or just the non-stop weekend, but I seriously wanted to go to bed at 6pm.   However, this little guy was not hearing it...

Crazy, busy, fun-filled weekend!  And by the looks of it, next weekend is going to be even crazier! 


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