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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh, hello everyone!!  What a fantastic, yet crazy busy fun weekend we had!  Jared had hockey games all weekend in Rhode Island, which worked out for me!  Lincoln and I got to spend some time with my Mom and brother.  We arrived late Friday afternoon. 

Saturday was soooo fun.  I went to have my tarot cards read with my mom, aunts, and cousin.  It was a complete girls morning/afternoon, and such a good time.  Our first appointment was at 10am, and we ended up being 30 minutes late.  Awesome.  Somehow, we went to the wrong house.  Luckily they didn't answer their door because they probably would have thought they were being invaded, seeing as there were 6 of us, armed with our coffees!!

While I was a bit disappointed with my reading, it was still fun.  It's not like I had high expectations or anything, I just felt that the reader was asking ME way too many questions.  She was grasping at straws as far as I was concerned.  BUT, on the flip side, one of my aunts did have a pretty ridiculously freaky accurate reading, so who knows! 

After our readings, we hit up some yummy lunch.  I had a burger that was just delish.  Sometimes, there really is nothing like a fabulous, juicy burger!  Mmmmmm!!!  Yeah.  I could never be a vegetarian! 

Our sweet pup, Evy always comes with us when we go to my Mom's.  Look how tiny she looks next to my dog, Lacey.  She's a shepherd/akita mix, and she's just beautiful!

We just got home a little while ago, and I'm quite exhausted.  Between the 2 1/2 hour drive back home, and daylight savings time, I'm ready to call it a night!  HOWEVER, my little night owl is still bouncing off the walls...

He's lucky he's so cute :) 

Hope everyone had a fun-filled family weekend!  Oh, and have you seen the forecast for this week?!?!  I'm not sure how it's going to be where you are, but we're talking mid 60's here!!!  Outside, here we come!!!

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