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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Old Woman in the Booth

The other night our little family of three went out for dinner.  We chose to go to Friendly's.  While they might not have the best meal you can eat, we were thinking about the ice cream we could have afterwards :)

We cozily settled into a booth.  Although we asked for a highchair, Lincoln sat next to me for a little while, and then crawled underneath the table to spend the other half of his meal with Daddy. 

While we were happily enjoying our family time, I couldn't help but notice the old woman in the booth across from us.  She was all by herself, eating her dinner.  

Whenever I see someone eating alone, especially an older person for that matter, it tugs at my heart.  I  noticed she was wearing her wedding rings.  I couldn't help but wonder what led her to eating her dinner in a big booth, all alone.  Clearly she was married.  Had her husband passed away?  Was he suffering from a long term illness, & she decided to catch a quick dinner on her way home from visiting him?  Where were her children?  Did they move out of state once they got  married, and moved on with their own lives?  Did she even have any children?  Grandchildren?

Then I tried to brush it all off by telling myself that she just wanted a nice relaxing peaceful meal by herself, because everyone else was driving her crazy :)

But, I still couldn't help but wonder all the missing pieces that led her to that booth.  She was  most certainly a regular at the restaurant.  The waitress knew her name and chatted with her.  A few of the cooks came out to say hello.  And, the manager even acknowledged her presence. 

As much as I was trying to enjoy the quality time with my husband and son, I spent most of my meal thinking about this woman. 

As we were leaving, she turned and looked at me and said, "your son is so adorable!"  I smiled and said, "thank you."  I asked Lincoln to say "bubbye", and he did....he even blew her a kiss.  My boy is a charmer.  She laughed.  I said, "have a goodnight," and we went our way. 

Whatever brought that woman to that big booth on that night, I just hope she has someone close by.  Whether it be her husband, children, grandchildren, a friend, just someone.  No one should be old and alone. 


  1. Kami... you're so darn sweet!!!!!

    I'm like you... I noticed things like that and then my mind wanders.. so many questions.... most of the time I bite the bullet and just ask :) I'm so curious!

  2. I always feel the same way when I see older women by themselves and hope that one day I'll also be enjoying watching young couples out trying to have a meal at restaurants and remembering these days with fondness!


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