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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few of his favorite things.

Lincoln is a pretty versatile kid.  It's safe to say, there's not much he DOESN'T like.  However, like anyone else, he has certain toys or activities that he prefers.  While this list is forever growing and changing, I thought it would be fun to hear what he's into right now! 

Playing Outside.  My boy could seriously live outside.  Whether he's at the playground, or his own backyard, Lincoln loves the great outdoors.  I'm hoping to get him a playhouse this year.  I just know he'll love it.

 Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.  Lincoln is a typical boy, indeed.  If something has wheels [or wings], he is in his glory.  Investing in his train table was one of our best purchases.   He plays with this every single day.  Right now Lincoln is particularly obsessed with airplanes and spaceships.  I think this is because we've been traveling to Florida so much, and he just loves to fly.  I countdown from 10 with him and we say "blast off!!!"  He then lifts his plane or spaceship into the air and we celebrate.  So fun!

Balls.  What kid doesn't love balls?  We have so many, and Lincoln has just loved them since he could first hold [and throw] them.  We're still working on the catching part, but he already has one heck of an arm!
 Puzzles.  This is a more recent activity Lincoln enjoys.  All of a sudden it's like something clicked inside his little brain that told him how to do a puzzle, and he just loves them!  He is finally realizing that he needs to look at the piece before trying to put it in.  You see, my boy is VERY strong-willed.  While I might try to show him how to do something the correct way, he doesn't ever like to hear it.  He used to get very frustrated with puzzles, simply because he was trying to rush through them.  Now, he'll actually be excited when I bring out the puzzles.  And he is SO proud of himself when he completes it! 

Water.  From baths, to his water table, to the dog's water dish, Lincoln loves splashing around. 

So there you have it.  My sweet boy is into many, many things.  What sort of things do your children enjoy?

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  1. This is awesome! My daughter really loves cars too actually, which is really weird because my husband is completely not interested in them! But she watches out the window and goes 'Brrrm!' every time a vehicle drives by!

  2. Have you heard the Laurie Berkner song Rocketship Run or something like that? He would probably love it, she counts down and then says blast off...its cute.

  3. Thank you, Shannon! I just purchased it for my iPod :)


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