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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ridiculously Awesome Fantastic News

Okay.  Last week I left you all in suspense.  I said I had some terrific news I had to share with you all. 

You might remember last year I posted about my BFF finally getting pregnant after way too many years of trying.  I never followed up with that post.  She ended up miscarrying.  And honestly, I was freaking pissed.  To struggle for so many years trying to conceive a child, and have all your hopes and dreams finally answered, only to have them all taken away from you as quickly as they came is just pure evil.  It's wrong.  Bad things shouldn't happen to good people.  I only wish that were the truth. 

Today I am however happy to report that she is pregnant again!  This time she did IVF and it worked on the first try.  She's had three beta draws so far, and her numbers have been sooooo perfect!  I just cannot wait to see how many babies she has baking in there!  She goes for her first ultrasound on February 10th, and I am ridiculously excited!!

She's been blogging about her journey.  If you'd like to follow along, click here.  I am SO happy for her and her husband!!!


  1. I've been following her blog since her first pregnancy and was so excited to see the good news! I am hoping she's got a couple baking in there. :-D


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