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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preschool. When's the Right Time?

I know, I know.  It seems like Lincoln just turned two years old, and here I am already talking about preschool.  You're probably all like, "slowwww down Momma!" 

However, here in the great state of Connecticut, the cut off age for attending 3 year old preschool is December 31st.  Lincoln technically would be able to attend preschool in the fall, because he will be three years old on November 23rd. 

I had it all figured out.  Lincoln would go to preschool in the fall two afternoons per week.  I found the perfect preschool.  I even contacted the school to schedule a private tour.  Everything was going right on track.

And then...

I panicked. 

I know Lincoln is technically considered old enough for school in the fall, but really...he'll still be TWO!  He's still so much like a baby to me!  He'll be one of the youngest in his class! 

I cancelled our preschool tour. 

Yes, yes I know I seem like a crazy over-protective Momma who refuses to let her son spread his wings and grow up, but....HE'S TWO!!!  And to me, that's too young!!!  There's still so much I want to do with having him home with me.  Call me selfish, I don't care.  The fact is, I'm not ready.  I cannot do it yet.  And honestly, I don't really see any need to rush it. 

Lincoln can still learn things at home.  Just because he's not in school, doesn't mean he won't develop socially and learn his ABC's. There is plenty I can do with him to help him grow.  We can play at the playground, drop in at the library, have a playdate, take a music class, sing songs, get messy with crafts, hit up the bookstore, go to the children's museum....all while he's home, with me. 

I don't see this as holding my son back.  He's two for goodness sake!  I see it as taking time and not rushing into life!  It's letting my sweet Lincoln be a rambuncious toddler.  It's letting him play like a crazy monster man.  And yes, it's keeping him with his Momma, if just for one more year.


  1. Every kid and family is different. If you don't think your family is ready for him to be in preschool, then there is no need to rush.

    We started our girl this week because she is beyond ready, but she's a strange kid. I really didn't think we would look into preschool until we had a second child - and then mostly for me to have a break!

  2. I agree momma. My son Sebastian started preschool at age 3. He is actually going three days a week and then two days of speech therapy. He has a full week of learning but since he has a speech delay the more help he can get the better!

    I feel like when you think it's the right time for your little guy to start the better. Preschool becomes more structured and with that you need to be comfortable that your child won't be too overwhelmed with that step!

    Gahh they grow up so fast :D

  3. Yeah, I'm that parent that plans to send him late. I was old for my class, hubs was young. I totally got the better end of that deal. We've talked about it. Even if we do start PS early (at 3), he'll do at least two years (maybe three???) because of his b'day (Aug). I don't want him to just be five when he starts K, I seriously thinks it makes a difference in yeah, just my two cents.


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