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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Father/Son Bond

The moment we found out we were expecting a baby boy, I started to daydream about the bond my husband would have with our son. 

I witnessed the magical father/son bond growing up.  My brother idolized my dad.  He followed him everywhere he went.  He wanted to be just like him, and he did everything he could to make him proud. 

I was really looking forward to seeing Jared bond with our son, the way my Dad did with my brother. 

And, well, he did.  And, he continues to do so everyday.  It began the moment Lincoln was born.  Jared was the first one to see our sweet boy because I had to be put under general anestesia for my c-section.  Jared told me how alert our little Lincoln was the moment he laid eyes on him.  He said their eyes met, and he could believe how focused Lincoln was. 

I have watched this bond continue to grow as Lincoln has gotten older.  It didn't matter when Jared went away to the Police Academy and was only home on the weekends.  Lincoln LOVED spending time with his Daddy.
Although Lincoln is only two years old, it's amazing watching him try to be just like his Daddy.  If Jared is busy doing something, Lincoln wants to be right there with him.  He is already trying to make his Daddy proud. 
Jared plays hockey, and he has since he was a kid.  He's very good and plays professional inline hockey.  Although he swears up and down that he doesn't want Lincoln to play hockey because it's too dangerous, he was quite excited when I suggested we buy Lincoln this little hockey set. 

I love watching the special bond that my husband and son share.  It's different than the mother/son bond I share with Lincoln.  It's their very own, special bond, that can only be shared between a father and his son. 

I think this picture speaks for itself.  I just adore the way they're looking at eachother.  This is my absolute favorite picture of my boys.

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  1. Dude, I tried reading and looking at the pictures, but I was distracted by how HOT your hubs is.

  2. Why thank you, Shannon. He is quite scrumptious :)


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