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Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Intervention

Sometimes being a parent is hard.  Sometimes you feel like you have somehow failed your child, although deep down, you are really trying your all to help this tiny person grow and develop. 

Today, Lincoln is being evaluated for the early intervention program. 

You may recall in Lincoln's 2 year stats post, I mentioned I was concerned with his speech.  Although his pediatrician told me what he considered "typical" for a 2 year old, any and all information I have researched, says otherwise. 

According to everything I have read, Lincoln should have at least 50 words.  Not only that, but he should be stringing together 2 or 3 word phrases.  He absolutely doesn't have 50 words.  I made a list for his 2 year appointment and came up with 38.  HOWEVER, he is not consistent with those words at all.  For example, he can say "apple."  He hasn't said "apple" since this past summer.  He CAN say Momma & Dadda.  He's done it.  Does he do it, ever?  No.  He'll typically say "mum mum mum" when he's really upset.  But, does he just come up to me and call me "Momma?"  No. 

And about the 2 or 3 word sentences...he doesn't have any of these.  He will say things like "uh oh" and "oh wow," however, those aren't considered 2 word phrases. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not like Lincoln is silent all day long.  He talks nonstop.  He has his own little language that I adore!  Unfortunately, I cannot understand a word he's saying. 

Is this frustrating?  You bet.  But it's really starting to get frustrating for Lincoln.  And what parent wants to see their child frustrated?  I knew as his Momma, and his advocate, I had to do something. 

So, last week I contacted the Early Intervention program in our area.  I had a short phone interview where they asked me a bunch of questions.  I really wasn't expecting this process to move so quickly, but I am very pleased that Lincoln will have his evaluation, in the comfort of our home, today. 

I have all our paperwork filled out, and we are all ready to meet with the evaluator. 

When you think of your child having a test, you would think you'd want them to pass it with flying colors.  While I wish this were the case for Lincoln, I also want him to be able to get any and all the help that he needs. 

Maybe he won't qualify for the program.  But I have to do this.  For him.  For my sweet little boy.  I have to trust my Mommy instincts. 

My husband wasn't all on board with this process.  He wanted to give it more time.  Well, we've been giving it more time as far as I'm concerned.  And if Lincoln needs help, then the sooner the better.  Why wait?  It can't hurt him. 

Am I nervous?  You better believe it!  Part of me feels like I'm being scrutinized as a parent.  Like somehow I'm not doing "my job" correctly.  While I know this is not true, you cannot help but think those things. 

The bottom line is, I want to give Lincoln the very best.  He deserves only that.  The absolute best that I can give to him. 

We will see what happens today, and then we will go from there.  That's really all we can do.


  1. mommy intuition is very important. If you FEEL like something is up, it probably is. As a mom of a special boy I have to agree what you said about his speech sounds concerning. Even if he doesn't qualify for EI you can do a bunch of stuff to help. Ask him to repeat things that you say to him like when you give him a cup .Say something like "yes a cup to drink" can you say it? also pictures that he can pointto of things he really likes and feelings cards may help some of the frustration :) hope that helps. be well and keep us posted

  2. I hope you get some vaulable information at his evaluation and that your little guy gets any help he may need.

  3. Just stopping by, love your blog, saw your blog at the blog hop today, I am your newset follower.

  4. Good luck today! Thanks for linking up with Mingle Monday. I hope all goes well!

  5. My almost 4 yr old nephew has been talking in his "own language" for quite a while. My sis happened to be somewhere for her older son & someone heard little E talking & suggested she have himtested (this woman was a teacher). Sis had him tested & he goes for 30 min 3 times a week to his "class" they work on letters & sounds & he is doing quite well.

    You are doing an awesome job from what I see & it's YOURs & your hubby's opinion that matters about this right now. You both will do what is best :) Pamela


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